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ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY tips, hints and products from everyday people.

Tell us your environmentally friendly hint, tip, or product, or read other peoples environmentally friendly tips, hints and products.

Anything environmentally friendly.

LAST UPDATE May 06, 2014

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To get rid of ants in an environmentally friendly and fast manner, doesn't matter what kind of ant, pour boiling water on the nest if you can find it.

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Norwex microfiber anti-bacterial cleaning cloths Ultimate way to clean windows and mirrors using a microfibre cleaning cloth and water, that's it ... and using no chemicals or vinegar.
Norwex universal antibacterial cleaning cloths
are microfibre and anti-bacterial. You can buy almost the same thing at the dollar store located at the Vernon, B.C. Wallmart parking lot.  The dollar store cloths are microfiber and may not be anti-bacterial which the Norwex cloths states they are anti-bacterial.  The dollar store microfiber cloths do an excellent job of cleaning windows leaving no streaks and using no chemicals!  Norwex sells other products as well, mops, face care, etc.. The toilet brush and mattress cleaner use enzymes to remove bacteria. Norwex website states the enzymes will literally "consume" the bacteria and sanitize your home.

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Learn to clean without chemicals
Norwex - Learn to clean without chemicals
click for larger bulletin recommends using the dollar store versions if you are not worried about bacteria as much.  When using the all-purpose cloth for cleaning windows, wet with water the one cloth to wash with, and then use a second dry cloth to polish up.  This makes the job of doing windows much easier than doing the job the old way using paper towel and glass cleaners or newspaper and vinegar!  You will have no paper towel lint on your window when you are done and you won't have to scrub as much.  You'll be amazed at how well these cloths work!  You will be done your windows in no time.

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Kira is a durable, high-performance fabric that is made entirely from corn, a 100 percent renewable source. Kira can be composted, and it contains no petroleum products. A proprietary Herman Miller fabric, Kira is available in six colors and can be used on systems panels and Ethospace tiles, as well as flipper doors, tackboards, and screens.

Kira fabric is a proprietary Herman Miller systems fabric that’s derived from corn. As a biological nutrient, it can be quickly composted and go back into the soil at the end of its useful life.  Kira contains no petroleum content. Its quality and performance are identical to those associated with conventional fabrics. Kira meets Greenguard requirements. Fabric Name HMI Part # Fiber Content (by weight) Kira 5D00 Series 100% Ingeo™ PLA Fiber

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Sea-Tiva Seaweed Cotton Blend Fabrics
Seaweed and cotton meshed. This marine plant is full of trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Activated by sweat, it is absorbed through the skin. Fashion and function combined. This is the future of textiles.

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WARNING about Bamboo! Don't be bamboozled!

There are two ways to process bamboo into a fabric: mechanically or chemically. While the mechanical method involves crushing the woody parts of the plant, and using natural enzymes to extract the fibres, most bamboo fabric is chemically manufactured by "cooking" the bamboo in strong solvents, the same process used to make rayon from wood or cotton waste byproducts. The dominant chemical manufacturing method, hydrolysis alkalization and multi-phase bleaching, is generally referred to in marketing materials as a rather benign process utilizing caustic soda and bleach. However, the chemicals used are known to create a variety of health problems and to be hazardous for fibre workers. If not properly managed, these chemicals can also be a serious source of pollution to the environment immediately surrounding manufacturing facilities.

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BARK CLOTH® is manufactured without any textile agents or other chemicals. It is a pure grown and manual-mechanically
treated bast fiber, 100% organic.

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Environmentally friendly way to help get rid of rats and moles Plug all holes in the ground that you can find by stomping on the mounds or stick something in the hole that they can't get out.  Stick a garden hose in the only hole left open and fill up their tunnels.  Be ready to either jump on a chair and scream if they come out of the hole your putting the water in or club them if you can handle that.  As well the vermin may also find their way out other holes you did not find at first.

Another way to get moles is to get a long handle and attach a fork to the end.  When you see the dirt move, jab the fork in there and hopefully you don't miss.

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How to quit drinking alcohol

Have you heard alcoholics say they like the taste of their drink.  Well how about non-alcoholic drinks that taste the same at a bar?

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