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These flower and scenery photos were taken on
the Westside of Okanagan Lake BC
and are for sale!

Photos are 2560 pixels wide x 1920 pixels high x 72 resolutions/inch

Chapperon-Shorts provides important moose winter range at Bull Canyon and provides habitat for mule deer, California Bighorn Sheep, lynx, marten, ruffled grouse, northern goshawk, pileated woodpecker, belted kingfisher and, great horned owl.  Old growth forests of Douglas-Fir, Englemann Spruce and Sub-alpine Fir, and extensive mature Lodgepole Pine forests are also present.  Chapperon Shorts is one of the few areas in the Southern Thompson Upland to cover a range of elevations, from valley bottom to sub-alpine, making this area an ideal candidate for protected status.

Photo is of Balsam Root
which looks much like
Okanagan Arnica flower leaf

Hard to believe that the Balsam Root yellow flower is Endangered around here.

Deltoid Balsamroot
Designated in April 1996 as Endangered. Status re-examined and confirmed Endangered in May 2000 and in April 2009.

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Rock with fossil looking markings on it
Rock with fossil looking markings on it.

Fintry Delta in the fall

Fintry Delta in the fall

Fintry Prov. Park in the fall

Valley of the Sun, fall season on Firwood Rd.
Eagles Nest at Fintry Provincial Park
Eagles Nest at Fintry Provincial Park
Geese at Evely Forest Campsite
Geese swimming in Okanagan Lake BC (Evely Forest Campsite)

Winter at Shorts Creek

Westside Road Log Booms

Estamont looking over OK Lake

Valley of the Sun, Briarwood Rd
Vehicle tracks in the snow

Near Mills & Sylvester's Cabins on the Westside of Okanagan Lake BC

Where the cows rub against and tip over the outhouses!

Mulleins at LaCasa
on the Westside of Okanagan Lake BC

This page and all the other pages of this web site (including the images and photos) are copyright 2006-2013 All publication rights are reserved.

These pictures are for sale!

For Prices Please Contact Us

Western Painted Turtle Research Project

The Regional District of Central Okanagan advises that the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) will be conducting genetic research on the Western Painted Turtle in Regional Parks such as Stephens Coyote Regional Park, Mission Creek Regional Park, and Rose Valley Regional Park.

"The Western Painted Turtle in British Columbia has three distinct populations with local turtles being part of the Intermountain population which has been identified as a species of Special Concern by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC),” states Wayne Darlington, Regional Parks Planner. “The research will lead to knowledge about the genetic differences between the Coastal, Intermountain, and Rocky Mountain populations of the Western Painted Turtle which in turn will assist in setting priorities for recovery efforts and determine the natural range of each population, origin and potential genetic connections across populations."

UBCO has applied for and received appropriate regulatory permitting regarding research on species at risk and is working in partnership with the Ministry of Environment British Columbia regarding appropriate methodologies and research techniques.

The research project will be conducted seasonally over the next two years with data being collected in the spring and summer months before the turtles go into winter hibernation.

The general public entering Regional Parks may encounter research equipment in and around ponds containing Western Painted Turtle and are asked to please not touch, disassemble or damage any equipment related to this research project and to direct any questions or concerns regarding this project to Parks Services at 250-469-6232, parks "at", or to Michael Russello, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, UBCO at 250-807-8762.

(August 17, 2011)

Source: RDCO what's new

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White Elephant Mine

Helicopters flying over

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You will find businesses, services, classifieds, local arts and crafts, vacation rentals, plus much more located in communities around Okanagan Lake BC.  We will be adding to this site, so come back and check it often.  Lots more photos coming soon.

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