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These moth photos were

photographed on the Westside of Okanagan Lake BC

and are for sale!

Some photos are 2560 pixels wide x 1920 pixels high x 72 resolutions/inch

One-eyed Sphinx, Smerinthus cerisyi
One-eyed Sphinx, Smerinthus cerisyi
click image for a larger copy

same One-eyed Sphinx, Smerinthus cerisyi moth

One-eyed Sphinx, Smerinthus cerisyi
One-eyed Sphinx, Smerinthus cerisyi
click image for a larger copy


One-eyed Sphinx, Smerinthus cerisyi
click image for a larger copy


click image for a larger copy

same moth

click image for a larger copy

Not sure what this carcass is, but it may be a
Photo of the Western Spruce Bud Worm carcass
Western Spruce Budworm carcass
click image for a larger photo


Western Spruce Budworm Larvae
Western Spruce Budworm larvae
click image for a larger photo

This unknown pupa was wrapped up in this Saskatoon Leaf in some silk.  Might be the Western Spruce Budworm Pupa?

click image for larger picture

Tree near Fintry affected by the Western Spruce Bud Worm
Tree partially defoliated by the Western Spruce Budworm
click image for a larger photo of the tree partially defoliated by the Western Spruce Budworm

Evening grosbeaks flock to areas infested with spruce budworm to breed and raise their young. (If an evening grosbeak were to get all its daily energy from budworm larvae it would eat 1,000 a day.) Because of its appetite for this destructive pest, the evening grosbeak is considered a beneficial bird. Source

A single year of defoliation generally has little impact on the tree. However, it does cause weakening of the tree, making it more susceptible to attacks by other insects. Defoliation over a few consecutive years causes tree growth loss. However, if defoliation of current- and previous-year shoots continues uninterrupted over several years, some trees will die, while others will continue to gradually decline for several years, even after the end of the infestation. This is the case with fir, the species most vulnerable to spruce budworm attacks, which dies after four consecutive years of severe defoliation.  Source Natural Resources Canada

Twenty-plume Moth
Ceanothus Silkmoth - Hyalophora euryalus
Ceanothus silkmoth - Hyalophora euryalus

Larvae of the Ceanothus Silkmoth

Poplar Grey Moth
Western Spruce Budworm Moth
click image for a larger photo

click image for larger picture
Balsam Fir Sawfly Larvae
Balsam Fir Sawfly Larvae
click image for larger picture

Ministry of Forests - Sawfly - Balsam Fir Sawfly larvae

Natural Resources Canada - Maple Leafroller

Natural Resources Canada - Birch-aspen leafroller

Sawfly Larvae on a Saskatoon Tree Leaf
blue Sawfly Larvae with a yellow head on a Saskatoon Tree Leaf
click image for a larger photo
Green Lacewing Eggs Silverleaf whiteflies, Bemisia argentifolii

Greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum


Please don't hesitate to ask for photo's you want.

We can help you get photos you need.

We have more similar photo's
not shown.


For Prices Please Contact Us

This page and all the other pages of this web site (including the images and photos) are copyright 2006-2013 All publication rights are reserved.

Berkley.Edu Insects

Government of Canada Beetle Database

Natural Resources Canada Index of Insects

Ministry of Forests - .pdf icon Exotic Forest Insects  (Exotic Beetles)

Whats That Bug - large database of insects - large database of insects

Major Pests of British Columbia

Bruce spanworm, Operophtera bruceata / Winter moth, Operophtera brumata

Coddling Moth - Coddling Moth Larvae

Gypsy Moth

Cerisy's Sphinx or One Eyed Sphinx Moth

.pdf icon Spotted Wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii), a new vinegar fly pest in British Columbia
Surveillance of spotted wing drosophila in the Southern Interior Valleys of B.C. in 2010 indicated that spotted wing drosophila was widespread in the Okanagan and Similkameen valleys and present in the Creston valley.
Clean up leftover and fallen fruit. Bury fruit to a depth of more than 12” or seal in plastic bags or freeze for at least 48 hours before disposal.

Eyespotted Bud Moth (Spilonota ocellana)

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White Elephant Mine

Helicopters flying over

You will find businesses, services, classifieds, local arts and crafts, vacation rentals, plus much more located in communities around Okanagan Lake BC.  We will be adding to this site, so come back and check it often.  Lots more photos for sale coming soon.