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Report urges election reform
Vernon Morning Star - By Richard Rolke - June 01, 2010

Voters in B.C.’s municipalities and regional districts may not head to the polls as often in the future.

A task force has presented 31 recommendations on local government elections, including possibly having elections every four years instead of the current three.

“It would give you more time to get things done and for new councillors, they need at least a year to get a handle on things,” said Dee Wejr, Enderby mayor, in response to the report.

Wejr believes a longer term may limit some people from putting their name on the ballot.

“It will make people decide whether they want to make the commitment,” she said.

Wayne Lippert, Vernon mayor, has mixed feelings about four-year terms for council.

“Three years does go quick and to get things accomplished, it will help,” he said.

“But a lot of people get in for one term and realize it’s not for them.”

Among the other recommendations are making campaign finance disclosure statements available earlier and requiring registration and disclosure by third party advertisers.

It’s being suggested that expense limits be placed on candidates running in local elections.

“It creates a more level playing field. If you have limits, anyone can run,” said Wejr.

Herman Halvorson, North Okanagan Regional District chairman, also supports a cap, saying spending on campaigns can overshadow voters becoming familiar with candidates.

“You should stand on your own merit,” he said.

The task force wants a ban on anonymous donations to campaigns, and Halvorson says that will increase transparency.

“If you get a contribution, they (donor) could be looking for favouritism down the road,” he said.

A contentious recommendation will likely be not granting a corporate vote in B.C.

“We are very disappointed,” said Val Trevis, Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce general manager.

“There has been a very strong voice from this community in favour of the corporate vote and we were hoping for success.”

Lippert says a corporate vote wouldn’t have addressed specific concerns in Greater Vernon.

“A lot of small business owners live in Coldstream or the BX and pay lots of taxes to the city, but they don’t have a vote,” he said.

The task force is recommending that the provincial government, the Union of B.C. Municipalities and business groups find ways to create a competitive business climate through taxation in B.C..

“We will ensure our chamber is involved in those discussions and that the voice of our membership is heard,” said Trevis.

The task force — which was created in 2009 — was chaired by Community Development Minister Bill Bennett and UBCM president Harry Nyce.

The government and UBCM will now consider the recommendations, and if they are accepted, they could be implemented for the 2011 civic elections.

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Public group may advise on wages
Vernon Morning Star - By Richard Rolke - June 01, 2010

North Okanagan residents will provide some input on what their elected officials earn.

The North Okanagan Regional District board will consider a staff recommendation today to form a citizens’ advisory committee on compensation.

“We want an independent committee to take a look at it,” said Rick Fairbairn, rural Lumby director.

The committee will be made up of three residents who may have previous experience in local government, financial expertise and pay compensation experience.

Advertising in the local media will be sought to solicit prospective committee members.

The board will make the ultimate decision over any recommendations that come forward, and Fairbairn says the goal is to ensure that people from all backgrounds continue to run for office.

“If there is fair compensation, we will attract bright, new, young people,” he said, adding that elected duties do impact careers and personal lives.

Any changes to compensation will not be implemented until after the next election in November 2011.

“We want to be up front with candidates so everyone knows what’s going on,” said Fairbairn.

It’s expected that the committee will be formed by the end of July and a report will be presented to the board by early December.

Staff is recommending that the three committee members, who will spend about eight to 10 hours per month put together a report.

The committee members will earn a stipend of $300 each to offset expenses.

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Electoral reform input submitted
Kelowna Capital News - By Jason Luciw - April 20, 2010

Penalties for those who don’t vote, term limits and the return of the corporate vote are among the ideas a local residents’ group is putting forward on local government electoral reform.

The Westside Residents’ and Business Association sent 10 recommendations into the provincial Local Government Elections Task Force under the wire Thursday, prior to the close of the April 15 deadline.

Spokeswoman Mary Mandarino said one of the more contentious issues among her group’s membership was whether or not it would recommend penalties for those who don’t vote in an election.

Mandarino said a system could be developed, similar to one she knows of in Australia where residents who fail to vote without good reason pay a $20 fine.

“People have died for our freedom and right to vote. It should be taken seriously,” said Mandarino.

“It was an issue debated back and forth among our members and it was contentious for sure.

“But in the end, we felt it was an issue that should not be ignored and one that should be brought forward for the task force’s consideration.”

The association also proposed that the task force explore the idea of term limits for mayors and councillors, proposing a maximum of two, three-year periods of office.

“Our group’s thinking was you need new blood, you need the community to be progressive and people coming into office with new ideas. New blood is always good for progress.”

Finally, the group wanted to see the corporate vote reinstated, so those who owned businesses in a municipality could cast ballots.

Mandarino said it would be up to the task force to figure out minor details, such as whether the change would enable some individuals who own both a residence and a business in a municipality to cast more than one ballot. “And does that mean companies like Walmart and Costco get to vote?” she questioned.

“The task force should appoint a committee to look at these issues.”

Other recommendations included creation of some means of electronic voting When will Elections BC internet voting ever be available??, holding municipal elections in conjunction with federal and provincial elections to save tax dollars and making ballots clearer, so voters are not required to cast ballots for a set number of councillors, allowing them to vote for a lesser number of candidates if they wished.

The task force has been gathering recommendations from the public since January and is required to compile the input and submit its own recommendations to the provincial government and the Union of B.C. Municipalities prior to May 30.

jluciw "at"

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I don't need sex, the government f***s me everyday.

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Westside gets bill for rural area planning
Kelowna Capital News - By Jason Luciw - Published: March 26, 2009

If Westside wants a say in development outside its boundaries, there’ll be a small price to pay.

Development that happens in a rural area, immediately outside a municipality, is called fringe planning.

If a municipality wants to vote on such development it is then permitted to pay in to the regional district planning process.

Municipalities will often pay for fringe planning to ensure rural developments, near their borders, don’t have negative impacts on infrastructure, like roads or parks for example.

Westside’s fringe areas are considered Trepanier Valley, Crystal Resort and parts of North Westside.

To vote on development in those fringe areas, the municipality will have to pay just under $6,000, according to a report submitted to the Central Okanagan Regional District’s governance and services committee on Thursday.

The regional district board must still vote on the report, however.

And rural area directors may yet express concern with the fringe planning scheme.

That’s because municipalities carry more votes on the regional board.

So, if a rural director was in favour of a development and a municipality was not, the rural director could be outvoted.

There’s also debate around the board table as to whether that’s fair seeing as how the rural areas have no jurisdiction to vote on development inside municipalities and municipal representatives aren’t elected to address rural matters.

jluciw [at]

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I myself don't believe government should be run this way in that Director Kelly Hayes voted against the new garbage collection carts for his area, but all the other directors voted against him and so his area is forced to use these new garbage carts.  The residents from Kelly Hayes area did not vote for the Directors whom made the decision for their area? 

.pdf icon May 14, 2009 Governance & Services Committee Meeting Minutes - Pg. 6-9

5.2 Update on Automated Collection Program

a) Rural collection options
As requested by the Regional Board at its April 27, 2009 meeting staff provided information regarding rural collection. Staff report dated May 14, 2009 provided background information on the curbside collection program.

As well, they noted that complaints from rural residents have virtually stopped. There continues to be questions and concerns from a few residents and staff continue to work directly with residents to assist with their concerns. Overall the program has been successfully implemented in the rural areas throughout the region.

Staff presented a review of rural areas that they recently monitored and the options residents are using:

Juniper Cove (rural neighborhood): using a communal collection point jumbo size containers are being used, containers are shared);

Barkley Road, Lake Country carts were at curbside on collection day (most residents have long driveways);

Ellison- Langley and Sierra areas. Storage ideas were presented (mini transfer stations).

It was noted that staff have looked at other options: ie: transfer station similar to what exists at North Westside Road. This would take upwards of two years to establish. It is not an option that would solve immediate issues.

Any changes to a manual collection would cost more, the contractor would
need to purchase further trucks.

Concern was expressed regarding the animal proofing (ie: bears) of the carts. Staff noted a local inventor has developed a system to 'animal proof' carts and this was shown to the committee. Staff continue to provide messaging on 'interaction with animals'. It was noted that information on trailer hitching etc. is on the website.

Marketing needs to continue outside 'website options' as not all residents use computers.

It was noted that the Joe Rich Residents Association recently held a meeting where approximately 20 residents attended and they requested Director Hayes bring forward their concerns and recommendation to be excluded from the automated collection system.

In discussion, it was noted that:

- Implications are the same for all rural residents in the rest of the region;

It would be a step backwards to allow areas to be exempt and there is a cost factor;

The region decided as a whole to operate the program and must stay together;

Yes, there are concerns, but staff will continue to work to alleviate the concerns. It was noted that once options are discussed many concerns are resolved.

Other municipalities that operate the same system have rural areas and the program is functioning in those areas.

Costs were reduced for everyone being a part of the system.

Contracts have been signed as a regional program. A detailed analysis would have to be done including implications of opting out.

Staff have committed to work with residents in Joe Rich. It was suggested to wait four-five months as the program rolls out, staff continue to work with residents and options to consider and report back on any feedback.

THAT the Joe Rich residents be exempt from the automated garbage collection program.

DEFEATED (Hayes opposed)

THAT the Governance and Services Committee receive for information the report from the Waste Reduction Supervisor dated May 14, 2009 regarding automated collection in rural areas.

AND FURTHER THAT staff continue to work with Joe Rich residents as the Automated Collection Program is rolled out and report back to the committee at a later date on the results.

CARRIED (Findlater, Ophus opposed)
The question was raised whether Westbank First Nation considered being part of the garbage collection program. Staff noted that yes, discussions had occurred with WFN but their system is much different than the regional district/municipal program. Residents manage their own contracts with a private contractor.

b) Options for additional yard waste collection service
As requested by the Regional Board at its April 27, 2009 meeting staff provided options and costs for an 'everyone pay' and 'user-pay' unlimited yard waste collection.

Staff recently completed an informal Yard Waste Road Survey and reviewed the results. Staff did the survey as comments were being received that "you should see how many bags are on the street". Staff reviewed survey results including: West Kelowna; Peachland, Kelowna.  There were very few areas where large numbers of bags were outside the residents' home.

Staff report dated May 14th presented various estimates regarding a onetime collection of yard waste (lowest estimate presented). Cost for each municipality and regional district was presented for a one-time yard waste pickup.

- Yard waste is not only a spring-time issue. Municipalities would need to consider spring and fall pickups as the fall also poses challenges. Extension of automated yard waste pickup may need to be considered depending upon weather. There would be additional costs associated with an extension as the contract is for nine months and any extension would be 'out of the contract'.

Estimate of unlimited spring time pickup proposed is only for this spring (assuming most of the yard waste is already picked up). Rates per household $1.39. Rate is for this spring only.

Concern residents may be dumping their refuse instead of taking it to the landfill.

Each municipality would have to deal with a contract amendment if they wish to consider a spring yard waste pickup.

Do we have any data from the Glenmore Landfill if the number of trips have increased? Staff do not know this information.

THAT the Governance and Services Committee receive for information the report from the Waste Reduction supervisor dated May 14, 2009 regarding 'user pay' and 'everyone pay' cost estimated for a one-time unlimited yard waste collection;

AND FURTHER THAT the One Time yard Waste Collection Cost Estimate report be sent to the member municipalities and Regional Board for consideration.

CARRIED (opposed James, Given)

I say lets get rid of government because it is not fair that other directors make decisions for Central Okanagan East whom didn't vote for any of these other directors but only voted for their Director Kelly Hayes!  How many directors voted against the majority whom voted for Kelly Hayes?

This is not a democracy its democrazy!

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HST weighs on B.C. Liberals
Kelowna Daily Courier Staff - 2009-12-17

A recent poll conducted by Innovative Research Group for the Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association shows the B.C. Liberal party support is collapsing under the weight of the proposed harmonized sales tax.

The poll, conducted Nov. 14 to 19, shows the NDP leading with 25 per cent approval, with the B.C. Liberals at 22 per cent. The B.C. Conservative Party has 14 per cent support.

The poll also showed a majority or 54 per cent of British Columbians believe B.C. is on the wrong track.

Wayne McGrath said the poll is much more reflective of what he is hearing on the street from ordinary British Columbians.

“This is exciting news,” said the B.C. Conservative Party president, who makes his home in Vernon.

“If an election were held today, there would be a minority government in B.C. with the B.C. Conservatives holding the balance of power. We would be able to hold the government to account and help kill the HST,” McGrath said.

“Many people in B.C. have had enough of the Liberals, but fear the emergence of the NDP. With a strong B.C. Conservative Party as an alternative, we would be able to stop the NDP from getting a majority. Without a strong third party like us, Liberal voters will stay home and the NDP would get a majority. The B.C. Conservatives are not prepared to let this happen,” said McGrath.

Voter disenchantment is widespread and deep, according to McGrath, beyond just the introduction of an unpopular tax to a myriad of issues that affect British Columbians. He gets the sense that more and more people think they are being dictated to rather than served by their provincial government.

The party will hold a policy development convention in May, followed by a leadership convention to elect a new leader in the fall.

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Conservatives inundated with scandals
June 04, 2008 - Kelowna Capital news - Letters

To the editor:

It was only a question of time until, as expected, our MP Stockwell Day propagated the Harper government spin in two of the many questionable activities plaguing the government.

First, Day states in his column that since the RCMP did not have sufficient evidence to lay criminal charges in the Cadman affair, an alleged activity did not occur.

That interpretation is patently incorrect.

Cadman’s wife, his daughter and the author of Cadman’s biography stated the a financial offer was made.

This was confirmed by Harper in a TV interview when he confirmed that “financial considerations” were offered.

This matter will be investigated by a House of Commons Committee.

Second, Day states that Mr. Brodie and the Canadian ambassador to the U.S. were cleared of wrongdoing in the NAFTA-gate affair.

Curiously, these government employees had been investigated by another government employee in a matter they had not been accused of.

No wonder they were found not to have carried out that particular activity.

Ironically, Mr. Day’s claims of accountability and transparency come only days after the minister of foreign affairs had to resign.

Mr. Bernier had become famous for a string of bungles such as stating that the governor of Kandahar province in Afghanistan would be dismissed, that Canadian Forces transport aircraft would assist in supplying Burmese cyclone victims when no aircraft were available and would not have been suitable in any case.

Worst, Bernier left secret NATO briefing material in his girlfriend’s home for at least five weeks without retrieving it.

The lady was his official travelling companion who had accompanied him to various meetings, including one with U.S. President Bush.

She had also been involved with organized crime figures in the past, and may have been issued, or not, a diplomatic passport.

As the official companion to Mr. Bernier, she would have been seen by foreigners as being an indirect representative of Canada.

Just hours before the resignation, Mr. Harper stated that he assigned no importance to the matter.

Only days ago, the prime minister or his officials embarrassed the Italian prime minister by issuing an incorrect statement on Italy’s intentions in Afghanistan.

This statement had to be hastily retracted.

The Canadian public is watching one scandal and one misstep after the other by the government.

Canada is being turned into a laughingstock for the world.

One awaits Mr. Day’s next missive where we will again be told none of these problems exist at all.

Harri Henschler,

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Conservatives deny allegations
By Richard Rolke - Vernon Morning Star - March 02, 2008

Local Conservatives deny allegations that the party made financial promises to an independent MP in 2005.

A new book by Vancouver journalist Tom Zytaruk claims Conservative officials offered Chuck Cadman, who was dying of cancer, a $1 million life insurance policy to garner his support during a critical confidence vote against the then Liberal government of Paul Martin.

“The prime minister has made it clear that there was no offer to Mr. Cadman to vote one way or another,” said Colin Mayes, Okanagan-Shuswap MP, of Stephen Harper, who was the Conservation opposition leader in 2005.

“Mr. Cadman was appreciated by members of the House because of the positions he stood for and he made statements at the time that there were no offers. I believe Mr. Cadman.”

Cadman, who ultimately backed the Liberals, died a few months after the vote.

Mayes believes debate over the issue is just an attempt by the opposition to undermine Harper’s minority government.

“The mindset is to try and find dirt on the government and take attention away from the good things the government is doing,” he said.

The Liberal Party is asking the RCMP to investigate the allegations outlined in Zytaruk’s book, Like A Rock: The Chuck Cadman Story.

Darrel Stinson was the Conservative MP for Okanagan-Shuswap in 2005, and he believes the allegations are unfounded.

“I have thought about it, and I can’t see it,” he said, adding that MPs have access to an extensive compensation package.

“We have extended benefits in the House.”

At the time, Stinson was battling cancer himself, and he showed up in Ottawa for some key votes despite being directed by his own party to stay home.

“They didn’t want me to come back,” he said of the Conservatives.

“They never put pressure on me to be there for a vote so I find it hard to comprehend why there would have been an offer (to Cadman) like that.”

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