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You never get a first notice of disconnection, you only get a final notice of disconnection.

If you have never received from BC Hydro a "Final Notice of Disconnection" you are lucky. bet lots of BC Hydro's customers get these letters at one time or another.

BC Hydro sends out a "Final Notice of Disconnection" letter if you don't pay your bill on time and in full.  You never get a first notice of disconnection.

BC Hydro sends this letter out to get the customer to phone them.  I don't know why BC Hydro doesn't just say what they mean (phone them).  It is scary for a customer to think they are going to get cut off. 

For a BC Hydro customer to get the "final notice of disconnection" letter, all the customer had to do was owe BC Hydro $40.00 for 7 days.

The following is what happened to one customer.

On July 21, 2005 the customer was first hooked up to BC Hydro Lines after paying $2,692.12 for two hydro poles.  This customer did not get the first hydro bill.  The customer called BC Hydro to ask where the bill might be.  BC Hydro told the customer that the customer did not finish filling out the form properly when they applied to have the poles installed, and that BC Hydro had only part of a form filled out.  The customer is sure they filled the form out correctly.  Over the phone, BC Hydro finished filling out the form and said it would be a long while yet before the customer got their first bill.  The customer waited 6 months to get their first bill in January 2006 for $183.85.  The customer paid this bill in full and on time. 

The customers neighbour informed the customer that the neighbour did see the meter reader reading the customers meter before the customer asked BC Hydro where the bill was.  In other words, BC Hydro read the customers meter, but didn't know to send the customer a bill.  Didn't BC Hydro have the address?

The second BC Hydro bill was $95.51.  The customer paid $55.51 of the total before it was due.  $40.00 left owing was due March 7, 2006 but was not paid on time.  BC Hydro sent out a "Final Notice of Disconnection" letter on March 14 .. just 7 days after the bill due date of March 7, 2006 which $40.00 wasn't paid.

Shouldn't BC Hydro give out a first notice, and shouldn't BC Hydro be a little more lenient especially after BC hydro didn't bill the customer the first bill until 6 months after the customer hooked up to hydro.  The customer was only late 7 days while BC Hydro was late at least 4 months.  BC Hydro's billing is every two months.

Now instead of the customer owing just $40.00, BC Hydro has added $219.00 security deposit, which now makes the customers bill a total of $259.60.  The $219 security deposit for a $40 late payment... unreal!

The customer this happened to hopes that others will complain if this is brought to their attention.

The BC Utilities Commission will take complaints regarding BC Hydro.  If you can't get any help from the BC utilities Commission, you can go to the BC Ombudsman who will also take complaints regarding BC Hydro.  This customer did not get help from either one of the above so is now going to try the BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

First BC Hydro Bill

BC Hydro bill dated Jan 18, 2006 pay by Feb 9, 2006

Click here to see larger picture
This is the customers first bill of $183.85 paid in full and on time.

Second BC Hydro Bill

BC hydro bill dated Feb 13, 2006 and pay by Mar 7, 2006

Click here to see larger image
This is the customers second bill of which only $55.51 was paid out of a total $95.51.  This left $40.00 owing to BC Hydro.


Below is BC Hydro's "Final Notice of Disconnection" letter that is sent to BC Hydro Customers.  Don't get cut off on a Friday if you can help it!!
BC hydro final notice of disconnection letter and security deposit of $219.00
BC Hydro added a $219.00 security deposit to the outstanding customer balance of $40.00 owed over the last 7 days.

The customer called BC Hydro and the $219.00 security deposit was waived, and the customer paid the overdue balance of $40.00 to BC Hydro on March 29, 2006.  Meanwhile the customer was sure they were going to get cut off because BC Hydro said in the letter to pay $259.60 by March 27th, and the customer was not able to pay until March 29th.

It was hard to believe what I was reading!!  BC Hydro wanted a security deposit of $219.00
 because of $40.00 due?

After all that ... BC Hydro told the customer to phone BC Hydro if the customer has a problem paying on time and in full next time.  What a way to scare a person with the final notice of disconnection letter to have BC Hydro say, just phone us next time if you can't pay on time in full.

The customer who received the "Final Notice of Disconnection" feels that BC Hydro should state on their first bill that if the customer does not pay the bill on time and in full, that the customer needs to contact BC Hydro.  BC Hydro needs to say what it means.  If the customer does not contact BC Hydro, then a "Notice of Disconnection" not "Final" notice of disconnection should go out.

This will keep happening unless more complaints are made to the BC Utilities Commission and BC Hydro.  I made a complaint but nothing was done about it.  I feel BC Hydro could use some more complaints against it.

Wanna keep reading... read more here about no first notice of disconnection.

Not only the above happened, but keep reading below

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Your article was well written but can I comment or share my BC HYDRO nightmares as well?
They (hydro) send a "FINAL NOTICE OF DISCONNECTION" to me more than 15 times a year....despite regular payments and a large "security deposit" in trust held by BC HYDRO. If the amount owing is LESS THAN THE DEPOSIT already held in trust, WHY threaten to disconnect and close the account? I am actually owed a refund if this event should happen.
This is a ridiculous waste of letters, calls, time and staff.



*Note* can't help but agree with the BC Hydro customer who wrote in from Port Moody, B.C..  BC Hydro's tactics cause people a lot of stress for nothing, plus wastes everyone's time and patience.

More here at the bottom of the page about not receiving a bill in Dec 2013 when we were due to get one.  BC Hydro hadn't missed sending us a bill since May 2006 when we opened our account with BC Hydro.  BC Hydro is starting to charge $35 per month (not per bill but per month) for the Smart Meter you don't have, to read your analogue meter, but BC Hydro doesn't read your meter and they don't send you a bill when you are suppose to get a bill.

Read more here about BC Hydro selling poles to people and then claiming the poles as owned by BC Hydro.

BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre - Contact the BCPIAC if you have trouble with the Final Notice of Disconnection letter or paying to have hydro poles installed along the road because in the two cases explained on this website, both the BC Ombudsman and BC Utilities Commission did not help.

BC Hydro Fact Sheet - Security Deposit, Equal Payment Plan, Pay as you Go, Connections, Final Notice of Disconnection, etc.

BC Hydro cost savings related to the upgraded system can be found in the Smart Metering Program business case

BC Hydro Electric Tariff

BC Hydro Collections Dept. in trouble
The provincial Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act prohibits collectors from using “threatening, profane, intimidating or coercive language”. Individuals who violate this section may be fined up to $10,000 and face imprisonment for up to a year; agencies may be fined up to $100,000.

Carbon tax added to hydro bill 11/07
Kelowna Capital news - Letters - Published: January 10, 2009

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor (Glaciers May Be Melting but There’s No Need for a Carbon Tax, Oct. 5 Capital News), Derek Murray of Westbank asks: “Might we expect a carbon tax to be added to our hydro bill next year?”

It has already happened. Very quietly. Very suddenly. More than a year ago. It is not a carbon tax, but it is a tax. The Innovative Clean Energy Fund Levy, at 0.4 per cent, first appeared on my November, 2007 hydro bill, accompanied by this statement in small print: “Effective September 1, 2007 the BC government placed a new 0.4% levy on sales of electricity, natural gas grid propane and fuel oil that are non-transportation related to support the Innovative Clean Energy Fund.”

With all the notices on my bills of power theft, approved increases etc., and split bills because of mid-term approval of increases, I did not notice this tax until May, 2008.

I phoned MLA Sindi Hawkins’ office and they were also in the dark. After several days of research, they concluded it went into a fund to award, for example, companies which come up with bright ideas for clean energy.

I can only conclude it is a slush fund and the only thing innovative about it is its innovative ability to get more money out of us.

Lynda Zorn,

Drought affects B.C. electricity supply
By Tom Fletcher - BC Local News - July 14, 2010

Premier Gordon Campbell announces plans to move ahead with Site C dam on the Peace River in April. Behind him is the W.A.C. Bennett Dam and Williston Lake, the largest electricity source in the province, which is currently at 77 per cent of its normal level.
BC Hydro

Northern B.C. rivers are running at near-record low levels, causing BC Hydro to make provisions for increased electricity imports that could total $220 million this year.

Northern B.C. missed out on much of the June rain that filled lakes and streams in the rest of the province after a warm winter that left low snowpack behind. The Peace, Stikine, Nass and Skeena Rivers are all near record low levels for this time of year, according to this week's water supply bulletin from the B.C. environment ministry.

The dry conditions have left the Williston Lake reservoir on the Peace River at 77 per cent of normal level for this time of year, BC Hydro spokesperson Susan Danard said Wednesday. With its largest reservoir at that level, BC Hydro has applied to the B.C. Utilities Commission to use $220 million from a deferral account to cover increased power exports expected during the fiscal year that ends next March.

Danard said the deferral account is used to keep fluctuations in electricity costs from causing sudden spikes in electricity rates. The account is drawn on when costs go up, and the utility pays it down in years like 2007 when an abundance of water allowed more power to be sold for export.

BC Hydro customers pay a "rate rider" on their monthly bills that goes into the deferral account, currently at four per cent of the residential electricity billing.

Stream flow conditions are normal in most of southern B.C., except for the Fraser River, which is well below normal level throughout its length.

Using the environment ministry rating system, the drought level for the Southern Interior and Vancouver Island is generally level one (normal). The Central Interior is classified as level two (dry) and the drought level for northern rivers is generally level three (very dry).

Last year saw summer drought conditions in parts of the southern Interior that prompted the first-ever suspension of a water licence for a ranch in the Nicola Valley.

LETTERS FROM BC Hydro | BC Utilities Commission | BC Ombudsman

Need Help with BC Hydro Complaint
Contact the BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Complaint about Hydro Poles and Final Notice of Disconnection

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