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July 15, 2018 fatty drove by again at 7:08am

I was already up this morning fatty.  You were a little late.

You probably woke others up though.

Wait till I get your plate on my digital camera.  I haven't even tried that yet!!

Go bother someone else fatty!!!

I guess I shouldn't have told dink that driving by on his dirt bike at 6:50am waking me up every morning wasn't acceptable, because now that tidbit is being used against me.

It don't really matter though, cause if she keeps it up, eventually she and any others who want to try this kind of bullshit, will be caught one way or another!!

Some people need to accept the fact that nobody's dog should be running at large, because not all dogs get along, just like some people don't get along.  And some people should be on a leash just like a dog too, like this fatty.

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And if it ain't a loud fat biker chick driving by, its an at large dog named Mig on Alpine Road July 14, 2018

Mig is a bit of a ways from home, on Alpine Road, with no owner in sight.

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July 13 and July, 14 2018 fatty keeps driving by on her loud motorbike and the loud old round fender pickup truck keeps driving by too.

I believe they are driving by to wake me from an afternoon nap, because I took dinks dog to the pound.

The old round fender pickup has been driving by for a few weeks already.

They sure seem to have a lot of time on their hands, and gas to burn these two.

Fatty can go drive by someone else's house with that loud bike!!

Did anyone ever tell you that you need to loose some weight?  You are getting quite the ponch I see!!!

Do you drink a lot of alcohol, because that will give you a spare tire?

Fatty drove by speeding at 6:02pm July 13, 2018

Fatty drove by speeding again at 6:06pm July 1, 2018

Fatty on her loud motorbike drove by July 13, 2018 at:

then she drove by again

July 14, 2018 at:

July 14, 2018 at 11:01am I parked on Balsam Road leaving my dash cam running.  I also sent 2 video's of fatty speeding down Balsam Road to the RCMP.

That should take care of fatty.  Go speed and be loud somewhere else fatty.

The old round fender red truck drove by July 13, 2018 at:

If you know who this loud and speeding fatty is, or who this loud old round fender truck belongs to, please report it to Armstrong RCMP File #2018-15787 and #2018-15877.  Looks like there were 90 RCMP files created between 6:06pm July 13th and 10:08am July 14th, 2018 when I reported these loud vehicles that kept driving by.

Bullying often escalates over time, and often doesn't disappear without consistent intervention.

Please!! help stop bullying and report what you know!!!

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Whoever is being noisy at night at Valley of the Sun, do ya wanna please quiet down!

I would like to be able to sleep with my windows open at night!!!

I have been keeping my windows closed suffocating in my house all night, all summer long so far.

I have never heard so much night time noise in my life, as I do at Valley of the Sun.

If it ain't dogs barking, it is loud generator noise, or loud fan noise.  There has to be constant noise at Valley of the Sun it seems.

I don' know who is running the GENERATOR over by the mine road all night lately, but you need to quit!!!

I went for a drive July 13, 2018 at 12:51am until 2:53am trying to find the generator noise.  As soon as I would leave, the generator would stop running.  Then when I would get back to my property, the generator would be running again.  Twice that happened.  By the third time checking to see where the generator noise was coming from, I was running out of energy and fell asleep parked on the side of the road for an hour or two.  I didn't get back home until 2:53am.  Then it was a quad that woke me up next.

From my house, the generator noise sounds like it is coming from the empty lot at 7834 Alpine Road. I thought maybe a generator was running up the mine road, so went for a tour up the mine road and didn't find any travel trailers up there. It must be the lot at 7834 Alpine being cleared and burning all their bush the last couple months. I noticed that someone left that lot at 4:49am July 13, 2018 which I saved the video of, so it looks to me like someone stayed on that lot overnight. The generator has been running for long periods of time during the day as well. I have been keeping all my windows and doors closed so I don't have to listen to it. Get some power so I can have my windows open, especially at night please!!! Also, do you have a building permit to have your travel trailer on your empty lot of bush you keep burning claiming its a campfire?

And the LOUD INDUSTRIAL FAN at the end of my easement on Alpine needs a new bearing or something.  Its too loud, fix it!!!  The night before this, I was out trying to find out where that loud fan noise was coming from, and that is where the fan noise was coming from.

I believe the generator is being run on purpose, for no reason, other than to make me look like an idiot driving around at night trying to find the asshole neighbor making the noise.

I reported everything, including falling asleep parked on the side of the road, listening for the generator noise.

RCMP File number #2018-15744 if anyone feels like saying something, which I doubt!!!

I have never met so many immature people in my lifetime, as there are at Valley of the Sun!!!

Who would run a generator all night long, if they were not doing it on purpose to bully me!!!

This generator is not quiet either.


Oh, and I see the loud old round fender truck has plates on it now, unlike before when it was constantly driving around with no insurance being loud.  It would drive on all the roads at Valley of the Sun and maybe twice down my road.  Then when it would get to Briarwood and Firwood, it would honk the horn.  It drove by twice July 12, 2018 at 4:39pm and 5:34pm to let me know they are not going away!!!

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July 7, 2018 I was getting smoked out

According to Kelowna Fire the smoke was coming from a legal campfire, and it was not an open burn.

The lot that the smoke was coming from is being cleared of its trees and there are no buildings there.

I have asked before if this property burning is a legal burn because they have been burning there every weekend for a month or so now.  I was told by Kelowna Fire dispatch in the past, that they can't tell me if the fire is legal or not, due to Freedom of Information secrecy.  But this time I was told it was a legal campfire.  Although, I don't know how a campfire can be legal when its smoking people out.  I thought that would be called nuisance smoke.

Kelowna Fire is now asking who is calling, instead of letting people stay anonymous.  I was told that the Fire Chief wanted to talk to me.  I didn't give out my information which the dispatch operator constantly tried to find out who was calling.

click photo for a larger copy

The smoke was coming into my open windows into my house.

You can see the smoke covering the other neighbors house.

And of course the other neighbor getting smoked out wouldn't say anything, cause they want me gone.  And just look how bad the smoke was covering their yard, of course they wouldn't complain.

Inside my house smelled like smoke.  I had my windows open, because it was warm July 7, 2018.

I saved video of all the smoke happening over there the last month or so.  That way I can't be called a lier, as I am sure someone I know will try and claim I am lying.  The Fire Chief is taking me to court over my false smoke complaints, which will be proven in court.

I took some photos of the smoke from the easement road, and maybe the people burning saw me taking the photos before I reported the excessive smoke, and decided to stop smoking me out before the Fire Chief got there.

So North Westside Road Fire Chief, stop calling people liers when you are not there when the smoke is being reported!!!

And just because nobody else called it in, doesn't mean I wasn't being smoked out with nuisance smoke.

I don't see in the smoke bylaw, it saying, that more than one property needs to make a complaint about smoke, just like it doesn't say in the dog bylaw that more than one property needs to complain about a barking dog.

Just because only one property complained of nuisance smoke, doesn't mean there was no smoke.

I saw the Fire Chief taking photos of their campfire when it wasn't smoking anymore, but I have video and photos of the smoke I saw pouring out from that property.  I also have proof of my dog gagging from smoke.  I also have proof of how I wanted to be a delegate at the Regional District in regards to smoke, which of course I was denied.

June 14, 2017 certified copy of RDCO's Smoke Control Bylaw 773

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Two loud orange dirt bikes who were driving on Firwood Road at Valley of the Sun and then went out onto Westside Road toward Vernon Saturday June 30, 2018 at 4:45pm.

I would suggest that these dirt bikers ride elsewhere before you are caught by the RCMP and not just on dash cam.

Nice bare legs for dirt bike riding on the paved road too!!!

The RCMP are now looking for you!!!  The RCMP have these photos.

If you know these two, you can call the Armstrong RCMP at 250-546-3028 and mention RCMP File #2018-14550

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I didn't know what the word impeach meant, until my lawyer mentioned it.

In the law of evidence, the testimony of a witness is impeached by earlier statements that the witness has made if they are inconsistent with the statements to which the witness testifies.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

v. 1) to attempt to prove that a witness has not told the truth or has been inconsistent, by introducing contrary evidence, including statements made outside of the courtroom in depositions or in statements of the witness heard by another.

Copyright © 1981-2005 by Gerald N. Hill and Kathleen T. Hill. All Right reserved.

Source: https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/impeach

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Thank you for your June 12, 2018, email in which you express your concerns about excessive motorcycle noise.

The government recognizes the negative impact of excessive vehicle noise as the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has heard from citizens that excessively loud motorcycles continue to be a problem, despite being against the law.

Legislation regarding vehicle noise, technical standards, enforcement options, authorities, education and training were reviewed and evaluated by the BC Association of Chiefs of Police (BCACP). The BCACP determined that current noise provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act combined with investigative best practices upheld by the B.C. Supreme Court provide police with the ability to effectively address the public nuisance issue of loud vehicle noise.

The BCACP has developed a ‘best practices’ approach to address loud vehicle enforcement, particularly regarding motorcycles, based on the enforcement strategy used by the Vancouver Police Department. This police reference tool is available to all police officers in B.C.

Going forward, a violation ticket issued under the Motor Vehicle Act can be based on a police officer’s subjective judgment and does not require an objective standard based on a sound measurement device.

As a suggestion, you may wish to contact the Kelowna RCMP detachment, providing an officer with details of your situation, and specifically the time of day when the motorcycle engine is started.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your concerns.

Kimberley Thompson
Policy Analyst
Ministry of Transportation
Transportation Policy
(250) 356-8191

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Had a good sleep at the Armstrong RCMP Station June 19, 2018

No dogs barking down there.

I got tired of listening to 842 Balsam Roads dogs barking and decided to go sleep elsewhere.  As I drove by 842 Balsam my dash cam caught a dog from there barking.  I thought maybe the Armstrong RCMP Station would be a good place to have a nap and that way I could talk to the officer assigned my file and tell him about the dog barking as I drove by.

I thought the parking lot and sidewalk looked a bit drab, and decided to spruce it up a bit.

I thought it looked a bit better afterward.




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RDCO dog control couldn't catch a fly, or didn't want to catch a fly?

I just received RDCO's bark log from RDCO lawyer June 15, 2018.  I had never seen it before June 15, 2018.

Why did RDCO Chief Bylaw Enforcement Officer miss the first 10 minutes and more of barking when she was here I wonder?

I hand wrote my bark log from audio of the barking that I recorded, onto RDCO Chief Bylaw Enforcement Officers bark log below, so you can see how she recorded the barking/air horn honking and how I recorded the barking/air horn honking.  Pretty funny that she missed the first 10 minutes of barking which I prove by way of audio recording below.  I have been recording audio of the barking for years now, and this day was no exception. 

Here is a link to audio of the time that RDCO Diane Mernick was at Valley of the Sun when she was not marking down barking, but instead doing something else.  Who knows what she was doing, diddling herself maybe, but she surely missed over 10 minutes of barking when she first arrived at 12:36pm!!!  I suspect this was done on purpose!!!  She looks like a witch if you ask me.

In the photo below is where RDCO was parked on Balsam Road.  Chief Bylaw Enforcement Officer states the air horn honking came from directly above her vehicle.  Well it must not have been me honking an air horn then, it must have been the people in the other house that she states isn't there, and that my house is the only house up the hill.  Must be the people in the other house that was directly above her that were blowing the air horn.

RDCO Chief Bylaw Enforcement Officer was not parked below my house as she states in her bark log, she was parked up the road.  My place was between her and the barking dogs.  If she was here to listen to barking, then why was she parked way down there away from the dogs?  She was here to catch the air horn honker I believe because RDCO refused to do anything about the barking for over 8 years.

RDCO is out to get me, there is no doubt about it by looking at this bark log.  RDCO is just as much a lier as the neighbors are.

Nice bylaw vehicle eh!!!  We paid for that vehicle!
That would be Diane Merenick RDCO Chief Bylaw Enforcement Officer who attends every one of my court dates , and her accomplice.

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Tammy Kramer and Johna Fraser were bullying me again June 18, 2018

That is really cool Tammy Kramer and Johna Fraser.  Why don't you leave your dog out to bark at 12:30am for 5 minutes then stop barking for a bit and then bark again, and then when you hear me start my vehicle, bring your dog inside, and then shine your bright spotlight in my eyes as soon as I arrive driving by.

You are nothing but bullies!!!

I caught your dogs barking on June 16, 2018, is that why you did what you did, letting your dog out to bark in the middle of the night so you can shine your flashlight in my eyes to claim I am harassing you, when you are the one harassing me with your dog barking all the time in the middle of the night?

You know your dog barking all the time bothers me, but yet you still do it, why, if you are not bullying me with your barking dog like you claim to everyone?

Its not like you haven't been warned by RDCO and caught barking in violation by RDCO in the past.

Flake off, and grow up!!!!

Stop acting like 2 year olds and adhere to the dog bylaw, and stop bullying me!!!

I am not moving!!!

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My government is on drugs!!!

$80 to dispose of one large bag of garbage???

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Bringing my dog to bark at RDCO next

Then nobody can complain of fumes from a dog lol.

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Protested a generator running next door and barking of course.

RDCO had a meeting about dog control, so didn't want to miss out on that opportunity.

Hey Mark Brydges, can you use a proper generator for your solar system, instead of harassing me with your loudness and fumes?

Jun 14, 2018 I protested at RDCO about the next door neighbors generator running next to my livingroom and bedroom for 8 hours in a day or 4 hours a few days in a row, plus I protested barking of course.  The generator isn't a quiet generator and its an 8000 watter.  Its a Briggs and Stratton engine.  Its not a quiet Honda generator that most people would use for their solar systems.  The neighbor didn't hook up to electricity and he certainly doesn't have enough solar panels to keep him in electricity because he is always running that generator.  4 to 8 hours of generator noise coming through the walls of my house in a day is driving me crazy.  I can't nap if I want a nap.  My livingroom and bedroom are on the generator side of my house.  The least the guy could do is move his generator over on the other side of his house where there is nobody living beside him, but he has to piss me off cause he is a jerk and he is the same guy who smashed my vehicle after blocking me in the easement road.

RDCO did ask me to move the generator which I did move it over behind my vehicle to the right in this photo above.  Then it was the RCMP's turn to visit after I had moved and I was packing up and leaving.

This is what the RCMP had to say.

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June 13, 2018 You can see his pee pee sticking out lol

I named them BRrr and GGee, first two initials for peeps I know!!!

Below is a pretty cool video I got June 14, 2018 of the California Big Horn sheep mating and head butting just south of LaCasa.
You can hear their horns hitting.  Turn your sound on.

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I listened to noise by a loud generator for over 4 hours on June 12, 2018.  The one day the loud generator ran for over 8 hours.  This is what it sounded like the other day when I spoke into the mic to show how loud the generator is.  The generator sits on the lot next door, and next to my living room.  The generator is used to supplement a poorly designed solar system that can't keep up in the summer.  I can just imagine what this winter may sound like.  Then there was loud barking by the yard dog for 19 minutes and then more barking from about 9:30pm till just after 11pm by two other dogs at the end of my easement road.  There was also two excavators clearing lots all day.  Sure helps a person get their rest when they have trouble sleeping.  There was a lot of noise all day and even into late night, just to top it all off.  The icing on the cake so to speak.

And yesterday a Harley started up at 6:28am

If it ain't the quads, dirt bikes, harleys, the neighbors constantly reving their loud vehicles, the barking, the generator, they will find something else to make unnecessary noise with.

Next time you see a homeless person, it might just be me living in my vehicle far from here.

DriveSmart forum about Motorcycle Noise

Blue Divider Line

Wonder if these politicians ever thought that maybe the RCMP get all the calls about loud motorcycles, and maybe that is why the politicians don't receive a lot of calls about loud motorcycles?

Hansard — Thursday, April 23, 2015 p.m. — Volume 24, Number 3

S. Chandra Herbert: My question relates to motorbikes and the sounds that come out of those back pipes, which wake up my neighbours, drown them out from having conversations, sometimes over dinner. Indeed, not just my neighbours — I’ve heard from folks in Kamloops, Kelowna, the far north, Vancouver Island, Victoria. They think something needs to be done.

The association of police chiefs wrote the Minister of Transportation some time ago, requesting a change to legislation so that there’s actually a real standard so that when they go out, pull over a noisy bike and test it, they have the law on their side.

[1440] Jump to this time in the webcast

The legislation talks about testing centres — not really in existence anymore. Then there are municipal bylaws, some which seem to stand up in court, others which the police say they try to use but which don’t really work. They’ve requested that the ministry bring in legislation, bring in support for a standard called SAE J2825, which was created, in part, by a motorcycle council with industry and others. It’s a simple test that anybody can be trained to do. You can actually get the data you need to convict if somebody has broken the rules and so there’s no question.

I’m just curious. I’ve had conversations with previous transportation ministers always saying they’re going to look at it. It never shows up. I just wondered where that’s at now.

Hon. T. Stone: I appreciate the member’s question. I, as well, have received a number of concerns from residents in my constituency in Kamloops relating to motorcycle noise, so it is a problem that we’re aware of. It is not specific to the West End or any other particular community. It does happen around the province.
[ Page 7618 ]

We actually have a working group that was formed only a short while ago, consisting of the chiefs of police, representatives from the CVSE and the Ministry of Transportation. We’re, as a starting point, kind of laying everything on the table.

What is each municipality doing around the province? Where are we hearing that there is a bylaw in place which actually seems to be standing up in court, as the member mentioned? Where do similar regulatory requirements seem to be failing? What requirements are actually on the books provincially? Are those requirements modern, or is there a need — and I think there probably is — to update provisions?

[1445] Jump to this time in the webcast

We’re having a discussion with the chiefs of police and CVSE with the intent of coming out with some recommendations this fall that we would then take to a broader group of stakeholders, which would include the various motorcycle organizations, local governments and so forth to get input on these suggested changes. That could involve policy or regulatory changes in the province but also could involve recommendations relating to educating police forces in different parts of the province on how to properly test for the sound.

Strategies perhaps could be layered on top of regulatory requirements which are in place and which would stand up in court if the enforcement was done a certain way and if certain strategies were employed. There’s a learning curve, I think, for lots of people here.

I can say to the member that it certainly is my intent, our ministry’s intent, by this fall to have a set of recommendations and a broader discussion taking place so that perhaps in early 2016 we could actually begin to make some very pragmatic but focused changes — possibly involving policy, regulatory changes and education and awareness — and to really apply a more consistent approach across the province and one that’s going to actually get at the root of the problem.

S. Chandra Herbert: Thank you to the minister. That’s the most I’ve gotten in my time here in terms of pushing the need for this kind of reform. I appreciate it, and I look forward to what the ministry comes up with. Hopefully, there is a broader public consultation, because I think people will have a lot to say about this matter.

One of the ideas that had been put forward in the House by my predecessor for Vancouver–West End was lowering the decibel level allowable for motorcycles from 90 down to 85. Cars are generally around the 80-decibel level, but for some reason, we’ve allowed motorcycles to be ten decibels louder.

There’s no science to say that that makes them any safer. Indeed, the motorcycle industry, various councils and organizations will tell me that, no, loud pipes do not save lives, as the sound travels backwards. Mostly, the problem is oncoming traffic, left turns and things like that ahead of you, not from behind.

Is that going to be considered, as well as potentially adjusting the decibel level over time?

Hon. T. Stone: I can say to the member that nothing will be ruled out. In terms of potentially requiring a lower maximum decibel level, I would say we’re not going to remove that from consideration. The intent of the discussion that’s taking place now is to have everything on the table. Let’s work through it as a group and then put forward some practical recommendations for, again, broader consideration of all stakeholders involved.

S. Chandra Herbert: One of the other issues that folks and motorcyclists raise with me is…. They say they ride their bikes responsibly. It’s not them that’s the problem. I think, for most, that’s the case.

There are a few who decide to go to a number of motor vehicle…. Some say they’re even the shops that are supposed to be changing out pipes that break the rules. They change them out because they’ve broken the rules. They come back the next day. The same shop out front will sell modified pipes, which can be really loud and break the rules. Have there been any kinds of investigations? Has the ministry taken a look at shops that might be, in essence, breaking the law?

Now they, themselves…. I don’t think the law says that they’re not allowed to change the pipes. They’re only really breaking the law when they’re too loud. But if you’re putting a pipe on a bike that is going to break the law, surely that should be considered as well. Just to pass that on — hopefully, the ministry can look into that as they’re doing their consultation. I just wonder if that issue has come up at all so far for the ministry.

Hon. T. Stone: Staff advise me that this is not an issue that has had a particular prominence in terms of direct complaints to the ministry. But the member is absolutely correct. It would be very similar to the decibel issue. Let’s throw it on the table and make sure that it’s part of the broader discussion that we’re having.

Source 1440 in the right side highlighted in blue

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June 11, 2018

Whos ever dog with white paws that was in my yard last night at 1:04am, can you please keep your dog out of my yard!!!

I believe this dog has been caught chasing deer before too.

How many times do I need to report this before you start listening to bylaws?

I am also tired of the barking, if you don't mind!!!

Did anyone notice the two new little bambi's just born?

I always see two bambi's every year .. there must be a resilient gene pool here!!!

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Dogs should be on leash in areas of wildlife as well.  Deer can trample a dog, or a dog may go running after a bear or cougar and then decide to retreat back to its owner, bringing a bear or cougar back with it.  There is danger in letting your dog off leash in a wildlife area. 

One option is a longer leash if you want your dog to have more freedom than being on the regulated maximum 6 foot leash.  You can get a longer leash made at pretty much any tarp place, just bring your favourite buckle for the end of your leash with you.  I had Central Awning in Vernon at 104-1710 Kosmina Rd make me a strong 15 foot leash for under $20 and it has lasted a long time compared to those skinny cotton training leads you can buy at pet shops that wear out so fast.  This one I had made is nylon and has lasted a long time.  You can tie knots at intervals along the leash, so you have something to hang onto if your dog pulls.

WARNING: I recommend that you stay away from the snap hooks shown in the photo above, because I seen one of these snap hooks stuck between a dogs toes one day, right on the webbing between the toes.  The dog was crying and the owner couldn't get the snap hook off her dog.  The owner ended up taking her dog to the vet to get the snap hook off.  Please don't do this to your dog.

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June 9, 2018 There was a Valhalla helicopter taking people on tours from Valley of the Sun

It was noisy and disturbing.

What is up with that?

Don't they need a permit to arbitrarily make their base tour operation beside a subdivision for a day?

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I was told that years ago there was a turtle crossing sign on Valley of the Sun hill on Westside Road.  Since 2003, I have seen only one painted turtle on Westside Road or near Westside Road.

I suppose all the off leash dogs are decimating the population of painted turtles at Valley of the Sun.

I haven't seen a turtle since 2009.

Painted turtle seen on the trail around Valley of the Sun ponds June 13, 2009


Painted turtle on Westside Road August 17, 2009


There is so much to know, and to love, about the Interior's endangered painted turtle
June 08, 2018 - Infotel.ca - By Charlotte Helston

A painted turtle soaks up some rays in Kelowna.

If you live in the Interior, there’s a good chance you’ve spotted a painted turtle, or at least seen a turtle crossing sign.

These neat creatures can be found doing what they love best — sunning themselves — on logs and rocks in lakes or marshes from roughly May to September.

“They’re very low-key animals,” Pat Turner, with the Shuswap Naturalists Club says. “They don’t make much noise, they just want to catch food and sit on logs and bask in the sun.”

Fun fact: turtles can only hear low-frequency sound vibrations, like the beating of a drum, according to the Ministry of Environment. That’s why they often seem oblivious to human voices, which are high frequency.

Painted turtles are found throughout the Interior, including Osoyoos, Kelowna, Vernon, Armstrong, the Shuswap and Kamloops, but their B.C. population is small at an estimated few thousand. The species, which is named for its colourfully painted head and underbelly, is considered endangered and of special concern. Don't confuse them for the invasive red-eared slider, believed to have been released by pet owners into wetlands around B.C.

One of their biggest threats is habitat loss — many of their wetlands have been drained or altered for human needs and the construction of roads near their ecosystems increases mortality rates.

Adult turtles spend their winters hibernating at the bottom of ice-covered ponds and emerge in the springtime to mate. Turtle romance is a competitive affair that starts with several males swimming after a female. The first to catch up with her “uses his long claws to gently stroke her head” and then follows her as she sinks to the bottom of the pond where mating occurs, says the Ministry of Environment.

Turtle eggs spotted in Salmon Arm.
Image Credit: Karmen Krahn

Egg laying happens from June to July, and sometimes as early as late May. Females dig roughly 12 cm deep holes and stash anywhere from six to 18 small, marble-sized eggs in them. The eggs — referred to as a ‘clutch’ — incubate for 70 to 80 days before hatching in late August and early September.

These brand new baby turtles stay in the nest all winter and emerge the following spring the size of a toonie. The following journey from nest to pond is a critical time for these youngsters as they often have to cross roads and highways to get to their destination.

One more incredible fact about reproduction in turtles: whether an egg develops into a male or female depends on the temperature of the nest. Warmer temperatures will produce female hatchlings, while males like it cooler.

If you find a turtle on the move, it’s best to leave it alone, for it, and for you.

“They carry water while on the move and if you pick them up they let it go and it’s quite smelly apparently,” Turner says with a laugh.

Painted turtles dine on frogs, tadpoles, snails and aquatic plants. In turn, they are prey for a number of animals, including racoons, skunks and coyotes. If they survive the many threats facing them, and there are many (up to ninety per cent of nests are lost to predators and of the survivors, only one in five will make it to adulthood) painted turtles can live to 30 years old.

Some places to view turtles include McGuire Lake in downtown Salmon Arm, the area in and around Predator Ridge in Vernon, Hardy Pond on Highway 97 in Kelowna, and Green Bay marsh in West Kelowna. You may also be able to spot them at Yellow Lake and Toy Lake in the South Okanagan.

Remember to always keep dogs on a leash and give the turtles lots of space.

Source: https://infotel.ca/newsitem/there-is-so-much-to-know-and-to-love-about-the-interiors-endangered-painted-turtle/it53181

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Pet rental advocacy group sets sights on rental housing review in BC
Kelowna Now - June 9, 2018 - by Megan Trudeau

Community meeting are being held across the province this moth that will help form ideas around tackling the rental crisis.

Pets OK BC, an advocacy group aiming to create more affordable pet friendly housing, is planning on making an appearance, and are asking their supporters to do the same.

After a year and a half of advocacy, they feel that the meetings with the Rental Housing Task Force may be their last chance to be heard.

“We’re definitely, finally, looking forward to an opportunity to meet with representatives from the provincial government who are actually going to take this issue seriously,” says Eliot Galán, Pets OK BC co-founder and organizer.

They’re main ask from the meetings will be to remove pet rental restrictions in B.C. that are “unreasonable.” Galán says that they aren’t looking to hog the spotlight, and there are lots of people being affected in different ways.

“This is an intersectional issue. All kinds of people are suffering because of no pets policies,” he says, adding that their supporters come from “all walks of life” including people experiencing homelessness, and people stuck in unsafe and unaffordable housing.

Galán says that new measure put in place by the BC NDP will likely help the housing market, but cautions that just relying on new supply is not the answer.

“New supply is almost always unaffordable to most people, particularly those with median wages or below, and I cannot stress that point enough,” he says. “Landlord BC will always say new supply is the answer, and well of course it is from their standpoint because they want more profits, and new supply is how they get more profits.”

Pets OK BC is advocating for improvement in the existing housing stock, with measure like vacancy control, rent control, and allowing people to have pets unless there’s a sufficient reason not to.

“We always include the word affordability in our advocacy because if you can bring your pets but it’s not affordable, then what’s the point?” Galán states. “Or if it’s affordable and you cant bring your pets, what's the point? We need them together. We need affordable, pet-friendly housing.”

Kelowna’s community meeting is set to take place on Tuesday at the Okanagan College Centre for Learning Atrium from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Meetings will also take place in Nelson, Terrace, Prince George, Salt Spring Island, Victoria, Burnaby, Vancouver, and Surrey through the rest of June.

All of the feedback collected from the consultations with communities and stakeholders will be presented to Premier John Horgan and Housing Minister Selina Robinson in Fall 2018.

Source: https://www.kelownanow.com/watercooler/news/news/Provincial/

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In my opinion the sentence Taylor VanDiest murderer received was too lenient. 

It surely doesn't deter others from murdering someone.

They make it sound like sexual assault is the only way someone can be charged with First Degree Murder and actually get a proper sentence for murdering such an innocent young pretty victim.

I am with the VanDiest family, I don't think justice was served making deals.  Taylor and her family, lost Taylor's life for life.  Taylor's murderer, gets to walk the street again.  Taylor doesn't!!!!  How is that fair!!!
I think it should be a tooth for a tooth no matter how remorsefull the piece of shit is!!!

I agree with Paul Albert that there is no accountability, and that the justice system is old and needs to change!!!

I believe we need to change the politician for change to take effect.

We have an old school politician that have the RCMP investigating themselves and doesn't seem willing to change that either!!!

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Hey LOUD Dirt Biker that leaves about 6:50am every morning waking me up

I want my camera you stole from my hands back please.

UPDATE1: The dirt biker called and said I took his dog to the pound and he will give me back my camera if I pay for his dog to get out of the pound.  I couldn't agree to that, and the conversation ended.  Not long after that I got a call back saying that if I leave his dog to run at large, he will give me my camera back, but I couldn't agree to that either and the conversation ended again.  Then later on I thought I would try again and he said he paid $400 to get his dog out of the pound and he ain't giving me back my camera.  Now I am waiting for the RCMP to collect my camera for me.

UPDATE2: The RCMP finally brought me back my camera on Jun 3 about 12:35pm after it was taken on May 30th, 2018 at about 6:50am.  The RCMP told me to leave the dirt bikers dog run at large and to call the owner if I see his dog at large again.  I told the RCMP that I can't do that, and that I would be taking the dog to the pound again if I see it at large and hungry again.  The BC SPCA told me that is the right thing to do.  The RCMP told me that this dirt biker is insured to drive to work and that he has a permit to ride in the bush.  I told the RCMP that the dirt bike is not inured for the public road where he drives, because the dirt bike doesn't have a headlight, brake light or blinkers.  I was very angry with the RCMP's response.  The RCMP left with a DVD of my conversations with the dirt biker.  The next morning on Jun 4th I called the RCMP Sgt and complained about the officer.  He said he would look into it, and so now I am waiting to hear back from him.  I want charges laid because the dirt biker refused to give me my camera when I asked for it back, and pretty much used my camera as leverage to try and get what he wanted (his dog to run at large).  The RCMP's response was unacceptable in my opinion.  I want theft charges laid at least.  At first I told the RCMP that I didn't want to see him get a criminal conviction like I have 3 of them from neighbors, and that maybe he should just get a ticket for driving his dirt bike on the public road, but I have since changed my mind since the dirt biker didn't return my camera and the RCMP returned it to me.  I am not that bad of a person, but when the dirt biker was withholding my camera from me after me asking for it back, and him not giving it to me, I think charges should be laid.  I felt more terrorized by how I was being treated after he took my camera, than the dirt biker taking my camera from me.  The taking of the camera was brief, but the waiting to get my camera back felt like it took forever, and I felt terrorized by the dirt biker and the RCMP waiting so long to get my camera back!!!

One RCMP officer told me that Robbery is worse than Theft.

He may be charged for driving an unlicensed dirt bike on a public road if he gives me back my camera.  If he doesn't give me back my camera, I believe he can be charged with robbery if I want to pursue the charge of robbery.

Since the robber wants to be a dick trying to make unworkable deals or I don't get my camera back that was robbed from me .... if my camera ain't back in my hands and undamaged by Jun 3, 2018 when the new camera I ordered comes in that I am paying $499 plus taxes for, then the dirt biker can keep my robbed camera and pay me the $499 plus taxes for my new camera plus $30 gas to drive to town twice (one trip to order the camera and a second trip to pick up the camera and pay for it) or I will pursue the robbery charge.  I am not going to wait around to see if I get my camera back, and I am not going to continue trying to get my camera back only to be told no.  The RCMP are slow to attend the dirt bikers residence too, but oh well.  I am not going to suffer the consequences of buying a new camera unless the robber is charged with robbery.  I am just going to go buy a new $499 camera and the robber will have to deal with the consequences of denying me my camera and buying me a new one or I will pursue the robbery charge.  The robber can give me back my robbed camera after I buy a new camera but I am still going to ask for $499 plus tax or I will pursue the robbery charge.  Fitting for denying me my camera and holding my camera hostage unless I comply, I think!!!  It would be much easier on him, if he would just give me back my camera, but he wants to fight about.  Why would someone want to fight to break the bylaw and let their dog run at large to maybe have a pack of coyotes take it down is beyond me!!!

Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46)
Act current to 2018-05-09 and last amended on 2017-12-12

343 Every one commits robbery who

(a) steals, and for the purpose of extorting whatever is stolen or to prevent or overcome resistance to the stealing, uses violence or threats of violence to a person or property;

(b) steals from any person and, at the time he steals or immediately before or immediately thereafter, wounds, beats, strikes or uses any personal violence to that person;

(c) assaults any person with intent to steal from him; or

(d) steals from any person while armed with an offensive weapon or imitation thereof.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 302.

Date modified: 2018-05-22

Source: http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-46/section-343.html


Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46)
Act current to 2018-05-09 and last amended on 2017-12-12

344 (1) Every person who commits robbery is guilty of an indictable offence and liable

(a) if a restricted firearm or prohibited firearm is used in the commission of the offence or if any firearm is used in the commission of the offence and the offence is committed for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with, a criminal organization, to imprisonment for life and to a minimum punishment of imprisonment for a term of

(i) in the case of a first offence, five years, and

(ii) in the case of a second or subsequent offence, seven years;

(a.1) in any other case where a firearm is used in the commission of the offence, to imprisonment for life and to a minimum punishment of imprisonment for a term of four years; and

(b) in any other case, to imprisonment for life.

Subsequent offences
(2) In determining, for the purpose of paragraph (1)(a), whether a convicted person has committed a second or subsequent offence, if the person was earlier convicted of any of the following offences, that offence is to be considered as an earlier offence:

(a) an offence under this section;

(b) an offence under subsection 85(1) or (2) or section 244 or 244.2; or

(c) an offence under section 220, 236, 239, 272 or 273, subsection 279(1) or section 279.1 or 346 if a firearm was used in the commission of the offence.

However, an earlier offence shall not be taken into account if 10 years have elapsed between the day on which the person was convicted of the earlier offence and the day on which the person was convicted of the offence for which sentence is being imposed, not taking into account any time in custody.

Sequence of convictions only
(3) For the purposes of subsection (2), the only question to be considered is the sequence of convictions and no consideration shall be given to the sequence of commission of offences or whether any offence occurred before or after any conviction.

R.S., 1985, c. C-46, s. 344; 1995, c. 39, s. 149; 2008, c. 6, s. 32; 2009, c. 22, s. 14.

Date modified: 2018-05-22

Source: http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-46/section-344.html


Defending Yourself: Theft Under $5,000
Describes how to defend yourself if you are charged with theft under $5,000 and what the prosecutor must prove to find you guilty. Also includes sentencing information, how to get legal help, and a flowchart showing which LSS publications can help at each stage of the criminal court process.

Source: https://www.clicklaw.bc.ca/resource/2602

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Kelowna runs afoul of privacy commissioner over Freedom of Information fees
InfoNews.ca - By John McDonald - May 30, 2018

KELOWNA - Trying to charge a citizen for providing them with their own personal information has earned Kelowna a slap-down from the provincial privacy commission.

In an order released March 29, adjudicator Chelsea Lott ruled the City of Kelowna could not charge an unnamed complainant almost $300 to process a Freedom of Information request for any records, in this case emails, that mentioned his own name over a certain time period.

Although Kelowna offered to lower the fee to $117.50 during mediation, the complainant refused and complained to the Office of the Information and Privacy Comissioner.

In particular, the complainant wanted to see how email correspondence with “elected and non-elected staff” over a certain issue and over a certain time period had been shared and the “views and opinions” that sharing had generated in subsequent emails.

In the order, the complainant noted he didn’t need the original emails, as he had his own archival copies.

“I am however very concerned with the recovery of records in which any of my originating correspondence, emails included, have been distributed beyond the original recipient, either internally within or external of the City of Kelowna,” the complainant said.

“I am further concerned about any opinions or views city staff, mayor and/or council about myself and/or the content of the correspondence,” the complainant added.

Lott sided with the complainant although she narrowed the overall scope of the complaint by dismissing several other issues that were intitially raised.

“Therefore Kelowna is not authorized to require the complainant to pay a fee for the services outlined,” Lott wrote.

The City of Kelowna has typically not fared with well with Freedom of Information or privacy commissioners.

In the early 2000s, Kelowna’s plan for using surveillance cameras attracted the provincial and federal privacy commissioner, who sued the city.

The city remains on the provincial privacy commissioner’s radar, including in a brief released earlier this year outlining concerns about its use of live monitored surveillance cameras.

Since 1998, Kelowna’s handling of freedom of information requests has been investigated three times, and each time the investigator found the city was too stringent in its interpretation of provincial freedom of information legislation.

City clerk Stephen Fleming, whose office handles Freedom of Information requests, did not respond to a request for comment in time to be included in this story.

Source: https://infotel.ca/newsitem/kelowna-runs-afoul-of-privacy-commissioner-over-freedom-of-information-fees/it52954

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RDCO CAO Brian Reardon is the hugest cunt!!!  Followed by RDCO Chair Gail Given and Mary Jane Drouin and Diane Merenick!!!

Government does everything to protect itself, and doesn't do enough to protect people.

And by the way, if you don't like the language used on this site, you have the freedom to not read it and close this site.

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The poor dog was hungry again on May 26, 2018 looking for food in the grass.





This is what a lab should look like


a lab shouldn't look like what is circled below

After feeding the poor starving dog again, I took the dog to RDCO pound this time.  Hopefully RDCO see's how neglected this dog is.  It always running at large, skinny, and eats garbage.

The last time we seen the dog eating garbage, the BC SPCA told me that they can't do anything to help the dog if they don't know who owns the dog because they can't ask around who owns the dog, and the BC SPCA told me they could only inform RDCO.  Then we seen the dog at large again.

Its no wonder there are so many stories of dogs being abused in this country!!!!

The dog had burrs in its tail, and it was searching the grass for food.  It ate another bowl of food like it hadn't eaten in a while.

The sad reality of it is, dogs get a free ride home the first impound according to RDCO's policy.

see page 2 about the "free ride home for first time impoundment"

This dog did not have a licence or collar on, when we took it to RDCO pound.  We used our dogs collar and leash to take it to the pound.  Its a $300 fine for no dog license, if the dog doesn't have a licence.

RDCO's pound had a bent bolt to lock the after hours outdoor drop off dog kennel, and the bolt didn't fit in the hole, so the one kennel can't be locked, despite a lock being there.  The actual lock fits through a hole in the bottom of the bolt after you put the bolt through the hole. The bolt has been bent like that, and won't fit in the hole bent like that, since the last dog I took there and dropped off in March 2016.  Therefore you can only lock one of the two after hours drop off kennels for the past two years.  Why RDCO haven't fixed that bent bolt in 2 years with the $1.4 million they take from people, is beyond me.

I guess RDCO only ever get one dog at once, and we paid for a 2nd dog kennel for nothing?

It wasn't free gas for me to deliver that dog to the pound!!!

I feel like RDCO needs to have a policy to refund peoples gas who bring dogs in that are found at large.

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Camp fire and outdoor burning snuffed out in Kelowna
Kelowna Capital News - Alistair Waters - May 28, 2018

City’s fire department reminding the public campfires and outdoor burning is now prohibited

Camping season and warm summer nights are around the corner and that is prompting the Kelowna Fire Department to remind residents and visitors campfires and outdoor wood burning appliances, including wood-fueled fire pits, are not permitted within city limits at any time. And the rules apply to private property too.

In addition, campfires and briquette barbecues are not allowed in city or Regional District of Central Okanagan parks. Barbecues are allowed on beaches in Kelowna. Smoking, however, is banned in all city and regional parks and as well as on beaches.

“Warm and dry conditions have created a vulnerable natural environment,” said Rick Euper, fire and life safety educator with the Kelowna Fire Department. “A spark from a campfire can easily jump and ignite surrounding kindling. It wouldn’t take much in these conditions for a fire to spread in either rural or urban areas, and the impact could be disastrous.”

Euper recommends a safer option for the backyard is a propane fire pit. But even then, he is urging the public to never leave an open-flame unattended and keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Smokers should also remember to safely dispose of their smoking materials—for example putting them out in a bucket of water.

Anyone found violating the city’s Fire and Life Safety Bylaw could face a $345 fine.

The reminder from the fire department and the city follows notice given by the Kamloops Fire Centre that open fires in all of its regional zones is now restricted. The Kamloops Fire Centre includes Kelowna.

Crews are already battling wildfires in the Kamloops fire-zone and the notice aims to help prevent human-caused wildfires.

On Saturday, a grass fire that West Kelowna Fire Rescue dubbed suspicious, broke out on the slopes of Mount Boucherie below Mission Hill Winery. While the fire was contained within a few hours later, it prompted the evacuation of the winery and 50 nearby homes for part of the evening.

Open burning has not been allowed in the regional district since April 30. Pending conditions is will be permitted after Oct. 1. A valid permit from the fire department is required to conduct open burning.

Anyone who sees smoke or fire in any park should immediately call *5-5-5-5, the B.C. Wildfire Management Branch or 9-1-1.

Source: https://www.kelownacapnews.com/news/camp-fire-and-outdoor-burning-snuffed-out-in-kelowna/

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May 22, 2018 Accident on Westside Road

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Pipe down, loud bikes told
Castanet.net - Wayne Moore - May 19, 2018 / Story: 226681

Peachland Mayor Cindy Fortin showed up at a Friday morning news conference on the back of a motorcycle.

Fortin was making a point for motorcycle riders.

“Beach Avenue is a wonderful spot to spend a summer afternoon, and we welcome all tourists to our town, including riders,” she said. “However, no one enjoys their time when excessive and unnecessary noise disrupts them.”

The municipality has started a campaign aimed at touring motorcycles visiting the Central Okanagan.

Peachland has printed drink coasters that will be distributed to cafes, restaurants and pubs to help get the message out. They include an image of a motorcycle and the message: "real rebels know when to pipe down."

Several cities across the country have taken steps to fight loud motorcycles. Any vehicle can be fined under the Motor Vehicle Act for unnecessary noise from motors, exhaust systems or squealing tires.

“The coasters are going out at a great time, as we are ready to welcome crowds for the May long weekend, our unofficial start of the summer season."

Source: http://www.castanet.net/news/West-Kelowna/226681/Pipe-down-loud-bikes-told

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Black Bear in my yard May 20, 2018 at 6:19am

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North Westside Fire Rescue Boathouse and Fireboat on May 10, 2018

I took this photo of the NWFR Boathouse and Fireboat on May 10, 2018 from Valley of the Sun lookout along Westside Road.  Not bad for 30x zoom point and shoot, Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50

Took this photo with the same camera

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I think I am in LOVE with DAVID EBY!!!

Proposed legislation will prevent British Columbians from getting SLAPPed
KelownaNow.com - May 15, 2018 by Dayne Patterson

New legislation was introduced today which would safeguard freedom of expression in British Columbia and allow residents to participate in free public debate without fear of legal action.

The Protection of Public Participation Act would prevent British Columbians from becoming victim to a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (also known as SLAPP suits) used to censor critics with threat of costly legal action, explains David Eby, Attorney General.

Photo Credit: Facebook, David Eby

“We’re committed to ensuring a robust, healthy democracy that defends British Columbians’ fundamental rights,” says Eby.

“In part, by helping people who want and deserve the freedom to peacefully engage in public debate without fear of unreasonable and financially ruinous legal action against them.”

The new law will potentially allow defendants to dismiss the lawsuit, with permission from the courts, if they believe it restricts their freedom of expression when speaking on matters of public interest.


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North Westside Road School poster on the bulletin board at Valley of the Sun May 14, 2018

Sunshine Community Home School

Sunshine School at Killiney Beach Hall - North Westside Road
click for a larger copy

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Some excitement Tuesday morning May 15, 2018 at 8:21am

The RCMP arrested thy neighbor.

Don't have a clue as to what its about.

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Some photos of the washouts on Westside Road May 14, 2018





Ewings Landing


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The system is crazy and its driving me insane!!!

UPDATE: Geez, it didn't take as long as I thought.  I had my maximum 10 page letter in the mail on Monday morning.  Amazing!!!

So I get a letter in the mail from the Canadian Human Rights Commission on May 11, 2018 that I read about midnight, and I have to have my submission there by June 1, 2018 it says.  I have these two court cases to take care of, and recording all the evidence of what my neighbors are doing and I have these deadlines.  I don't even know what I am doing, all I know is that I am being hurt daily and nobody cares but me.  I am overwhelmed with the work, and I have no help from anyone including my Director.  I am being bullied to death, but its not a matter for the RCMP.  They can't do anything until I am dead.

The world is a pretty fucked up place if you ask me.

Its not just the neighbors terrorizing me, its the system!!!

How can people stand this system is beyond me!!!

May 11, 2018 a dog wouldn't stop barking, and then the neighbor smoked me out of my yard with his wood stove on such a nice evening.  I haven't had any heat on for days now.  I have dash cam video of all the smoke and where it was coming from and where it was going so that I would have some proof of the bullying going on.

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May 18, 2018 Protesting Barking at Valley of the Sun lookout

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Who was that in the red pickup waving frantically, please come back and talk to me, especially if you have trouble with barking too.

I will be out there again, probably till the barking stops!!

If anyone has trouble with barking in the Regional District of Central Okanagan, it would be really cool if you stopped by for a chat.  Its pretty boring sitting there with nothing to do but watch vehicles go by.  You might even brighten my spirits up.  So if you have time, I welcome people to stop and chat even if you don't want to talk about barking.





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Westside Road closed in both directions due to washout at Ewings Landing May 9, 2018

Open to single lane alternating traffic 3 km north of Fintry. Construction will begin on Thursday, May 10th to repair the road. Please watch for crews and expect delays. Updated on Wed May 9, 2018 at 3:28 pm PDT. (ID# 283439)

Source: Drive BC http://www.drivebc.ca/mobile/pub/events/WestsideRoad.html

Closed in both directions 3 km north of Fintry because of Wash Out. No estimated time of opening; assessment in progress. No detour available. Next update at 2pm. Updated on Wed May 9 at 10:13 am PDT. (ID# 283390)

Source: Drive BC http://www.drivebc.ca/mobile/pub/events/id/283390.html

Closed in both directions 3 km north of Fintry because of Wash Out. No estimated time of opening; assessment in progress. No detour available. Next update at 10am. Updated on Wed May 9, 2018 at 6:24am PDT. (ID#283390)

Source: Drive BC http://www.drivebc.ca/mobile/pub/events/WestsideRoad.html

Pictures below taken May 9, 2018 about 1:30pm

The road hasn't changed much, but they don't want it caving in anymore I suspect.  There are homes below and it will take a lot of work to fix the road.

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Golden Lab I have seen at large 4 times now, was eating garbage at 7968 Alpine Road May 7, 2018 at Valley of the Sun

Its past time to contain your garbage securely, so you don't attract bears!!!  This ain't the first time I have seen garbage strewn around on this same property.  You are putting people at risk feeding the animals in this way!!

Dog eating garbage!!!


Same dog eating real dog food after I ran home and got him some dog food so he didn't have to eat garbage, poor dog!!!  Your dog walked away with a smile on its face after eating the entire large margarine container!!!

Its time to take care of your dog better, so it doesn't have to scrounge around in the garbage for food and run at large.

There were 3 bags of garbage that I seen, that the dog had been into this night.

I have seen this dog at large 4 times now since Oct 2017 when the Fire Dept reported it at large to RDCO in Oct 2017, and I hardly ever go anywhere.  I seen it at large in March and April 2018 as well.  Below is proof of this dog running at large 3 other times.

AT LARGE Oct 17, 2017 when Firefighters reported it




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There is just no feeling like it!!

There is no feeling like the feeling I get when I think about the neighbors and RDCO bullying me all these years since I started to complain about barking in Dec 2009, knowing they get off scott free because there is no law against bullying, and because there is no accountability in my lifetime!!!

Its the thing that bothers me more than the barking did.

I am the one being charged and tortured for trying to have some peace when we have laws!!!!!!

I am the one who pays with missing 8 years of my life living scared of my neighbors who egged my house, shot a ball bearing at my house, threw fireworks at my house, spread rumors about me, where I don't have a friend in the neighborhood.

Its been such a lovely 8 long years!!!

I don't see my neighbors crying.

I don't see RDCO crying!!

I don't see the RCMP crying!!

I am the one doing the crying!!!

There is just no feeling like knowing how perpetrators don't have to pay, but victims do!!!

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Someone wrote this in green below to me.  They are right, heads up everyone!!!  Keep our eyes and ears peeled.

We have friends on Beau Park Road (up in the grasslands) and their road has completely washed out. Luckily there are two roads that adjoin up there so they can still get in and out. My son says that we need to keep our eyes on Whiteman Creek (up above our subdivision) and a dry riverbed called Frisbee Creek. He also mentioned a small stream that runs along our subdivision and comes out down by the pump house. Usually trickles but this year who knows? He has ridden bikes up there in the backwoods since he was 15 so knows every nook and cranny! I guess everybody needs to keep their heads up!

There was also a tree top resting on a BC Hydro power line on Firwood Road at Valley of the Sun just in from the mailboxes, that vehicles had to drive under May 1, 2018 morning on the way to court that I reported to BC Hydro.  I probably should have reported the road giving way on my way to court too, but I was going to be late if I did that.

By the way, court was adjourned for another day.  I didn't even get to speak today.  It was a full day and the only one who testified was the Fire Chief so far.  The judge told the Fire Chief, he is still under oath or something to that effect and that he is banned from talking to anyone about the case while the case is in adjournment, so if you hear the Fire Chief talking to you about the court case, you can report him to the RCMP or me.

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Westside Road caved in at Ewings Landing on May 1, 2018

The two photos below were taken about 3:47pm May 1, 2018 but below the two photos is a video from this morning at 7:16am before Westside Road caved in and you can see the cracks in the road and that its starting to go.

click photo for a larger photo

click photo for a larger photo

Video of my drive this morning at 7:16am below.

In the video below you can see the pavement starting to go already at the s-curves at Ewings Landing on Westside Road.


Then when I get up farther to Killiney Beach there was a detour through the subdivision which is on the video below taken May 1, 2018 at 7:47am.

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Open Burning Ends April 30th

All open burning in the Central Okanagan must be wrapped up by the evening of Monday, April 30th.

Until then, those Central Okanagan residents with properties greater than one hectare will be allowed to burn outdoors, if they have a permit from their local fire authority and only after confirming that burning is allowed on a particular day. Farmers and large lot owners must also follow these regulations before lighting wood debris piles.

Prior to igniting any fire, eligible property owners with a valid permit must call the toll-free Outdoor Burning Hotline: 1-855-262-2876 (BURN). It will advise whether open burning is allowed that day. Both the Venting and Air Quality must be good in order for burning to occur within Central Okanagan fire jurisdictions. This information is also available each morning after 8:00 am at regionaldistrict.com/airquality.

On days when open burning is allowed, it’s recommended that debris piles be ignited after 10:00 am, when proper venting conditions are more likely to exist.

When conditions are safe, Regional District and local fire bylaws permit open burning from October 1st until nightfall April 30th. Fire chiefs may however change the dates depending on the fire hazard in their specific area.

Under the Regional District Smoke Control Bylaw, creating nuisance smoke from open burning is not allowed in the City of Kelowna, the District of Lake Country, City of West Kelowna and the Central Okanagan East and West Electoral Areas or under the bylaws of the District of Peachland. Violators could receive a fine or be charged with the cost of putting out the fire. Residents are encouraged to report anyone illegally burning on a non-burning day by calling the Regional Fire Dispatch Center at 250-469-8577.

Permits are available for eligible property owners within the Central Okanagan East or the Central Okanagan West fire protection areas by calling the Regional District at 250-469-6223 (Long Distance Collect Calls are accepted) weekdays only between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, excluding holidays. All other eligible property owners must obtain a permit from their municipal fire department. *

Regardless of property size, all Central Okanagan property owners are encouraged to use other options to dispose of their yard waste.

The bi-weekly curbside yard waste collection program is underway through the end of November. Residents are reminded to only place leaves, grass, pine needles and small prunings inside their wheeled yard waste cart with the green lid closed.

Nominal fees apply to use the year-round yard waste disposal program at the Glenmore landfill (Open seven days a week 7:30 am to 4:45 pm) and at the Westside Residential Waste Disposal Centre (Open 7:30 am to 3:50 pm Friday through Monday) on Asquith Road in West Kelowna. Please make sure all loads are covered.

There are a number of private companies offering wood chipping and grinding services or rent portable chippers. Some may also pick up yard waste for disposal.

The Regional Air Quality Program has recently introduced the Mow-Chip Rent-it Rebate program, providing up to 80% of the cost of renting mow/chip equipment or services up to a $500 maximum for those with a small volume of wood debris piles that don’t qualify for the Agricultural Wood Waste Chipping Program. Details at:

Most of the burning permits that are issued in the Central Okanagan are for agricultural burning, which is allowed under Provincial Right to Farm legislation. However, before starting any fire farmers must also call 1-855-262-2876 (BURN) or visit regionaldistrict.com/airquality to ensure burning is allowed. The Regional Air Quality Program is working with farmers to encourage the use of the Agricultural Chipping Program or Mow- Chip Rent-it Rebate as alternate methods of disposal.

* Fire Department Jurisdictions for Permits

Central Okanagan East or Central Okanagan West Electoral Areas
(Ellison, Joe Rich, Wilson’s Landing, North Westside residents):
Call the Regional District
(250-469-6223 weekdays only 8:00 am – 4:00 pm excluding holidays)
Note: North Westside residents may call ‘Collect’ or avoid long distance charges by using a cellular phone. They may also contact North Westside Fire/Rescue at 250-545-1195 to obtain a permit.
City of Kelowna residents contact - Kelowna Fire Department 250-469-8801
Lake Country residents contact - Lake Country Fire Department 250-766-2327
Peachland residents contact - Peachland Fire and Rescue Service 250-767-2841
West Kelowna residents contact – West Kelowna Fire Rescue 778-797-3200
All West Kelowna municipal burning permits are issued from Lakeview Station 32, 2708 Olalla Road

(April 26, 2018)

Source: RDCO's website Whats New https://www.regionaldistrict.com/whats-new.aspx

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No proof??

The RCMP keep telling me I can't prove I am being bullied.  I really can't understand why they think the 8 years of excessive barking I recorded is not good enough evidence!!!!  Or the video evidence I have of the neighbor telling me she lets her dogs bark to piss me off, and all the video evidence I have of dogs barking ain't good enough?  You can hear my vehicle leaving on the audio, and you can hear my vehicle coming home.  You can hear me talking into the recording.  You can hear the dogs barking for a long time, before I ever leave to go video record them.  You can hear everything.  But the RCMP around here are deaf, just like the neighbors!!!  The RCMP pretend the dogs don't bark even when they are here and they are barking in excess.  The audio file properties show when the audio recordings were made.  Do the RCMP think I go elsewhere to record the barking? I guess the note and finger and long horn honking from Lysholt ain't bullying?  How about the guy who jerked his arm off at me, that ain't bullying?  Or how bout all the at large dogs around here, that ain't bullying?  Why am I not believable with the 8 years of evidence I have?  It just astounds me!!!

Thats why I think the RCMP and system are corrupt!!

I am the one being charged with mischief, when it should be the other way around!!!

Proof is in the pudding.

Unless I can live with being bullied daily, I better go live on the street with protest signs instead!!!!

I think after this court case, and I am convicted, I am going to be doing a lot of protesting with signs about bullying!!!

My life will consist of not just protesting about barking dogs, but about bullying too!!!

Blue Divider Line

Just wish someone would do their job and stop the bullying before I end up dead from being bullied to death!!!

Not one person gives a flying fruck and I am not feeling very good right now with this corrupt system court case coming up May 1, 2018.  I know how corrupt the system has been in the past, and I don't suspect anything but harm to me will become of this court case on May 1, 2018, just like I have been harmed all along.  I will never be the same again because of the system and my terrorizing neighbors.  You know the neighbors all drive loud vehicles now... they are trying to make their vehicles as loud as they can to bother me.  They rev them up and drive in front of my place when they don't even live on my road.  They step on the gas and wake me up from a nap on purpose I believe.  The one neighbor reved their vehicle almost daily for two weeks.  The one day the car reved up and down for an hour.  The one vehicle from Balsam Road drives by late at night and its super loud.  I am getting smoked out and noised out!!  The people from my subdivision are terrorizing me and my dog.  I just want out of here, but I am stuck here!!!  I can't even leave my house pretty much, cause I don't have the money to go anywhere.

831 Firwood Road dog barked last night for an hour pretty steady, and I have listened to it bark sporadic all day today April 29, 2018 along with the tractor and a generator running through my closed window for the past 3 days, I am pretty much vibrating.

I am going to start barking like a dog instead of talking to people I think!!!

Talking to people does no good, but maybe barking at them will!!!

The neighbors can be proud of how they bullied me out of Valley of the Sun with their noise that would drive a normal person insane!!!  Cause I am pretty sure the judge is going to say that I am the crazy one and that I am the one that needs to leave, cause everything is so frucked up!!!

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Evacuation Order for Killiney Beach Properties

Central Okanagan - Due to slope instability, a local state of emergency has been declared to facilitate an Evacuation Order for nine properties in the Killiney Beach area within the Central Okanagan West Electoral Area.

The properties are:

9017 Westside Road N
9035 Westside Road N
9043 Westside Road N
9051 Westside Road N
9059 Westside Road N
9067 Westside Road N
9075 Westside Road N
9083 Westside Road N
9091 Westside Road N
9107 Westside Road N
9115 Westside Road N
9123 Westside Road N

Source: RDCO email April 29, 2018

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Power was out Apr 28, 2018 and Westside Road has been affected by a slide at Estamont

Hydro Lines Down from Fintry to 23 km south of Junction with Highway 97 North (11 km). The road is reduced to single lane alternating traffic. Updated on Sun Apr 29 at 8:20 am PDT. (ID# 283366)

Source: Drive BC

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I feel the Fire Chief falsified a burn permit to protect a property owner and to make it look like I am making false burning complaints.

Have a look at the date written on the burn permits and the burn permit numbers.

Not all the burn permit numbers are in order of the date issued.  Compare burn permit number 3121 date with the other burn permits.  Burn permit 3121 is out of date order.

Nov 16, 2016 #2735

Nov 16, 2016 #2736

click permit for larger copy

Mar 20, 2017 #3121

I believe this burn permit was issued on Apr 3, 2017 when I called in the complaint, and not on Mar 20, 2017 as written on the permit.
click permit for larger copy

Mar 25, 2017 #2745

click permit for larger copy

Mar 27, 2017 #3115

click permit for larger copy

Mar 31, 2017 #3116

click permit for larger copy

Mar 31, 2017 #3118

click permit for larger copy

Apr 2, 2017 #3119

click permit for larger copy

Apr 3, 2017 #3120

click permit for larger copy

I believe that burn permit 3121 date was falsified to make it look like the property had a burn permit on Apr 3, 2017  because I called in this burn complaint, and the fire chief wants to protect the property owner and get me.  I feel the fact is the property never had a burn permit and was burning without a burn permit.  The Fire Chief issued this burn permit the date I reported the burning on Apr 3, 2017 and not on March 20, 2017 as is written on the burn permit.

I have more burn permits showing that the permit number order is in order for other burn permits except for burn permit 3121.

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These court cases are just one more way for the RCMP to bully me in retaliation for making complaints!!!

My complaints went nowhere because of the corrupt system!!!

It was a one sided investigation on all accounts!!!

The RCMP are only out to get me instead of upholding the law!!!

They call me crazy when its the neighbors and the RCMP and RDCO who are frucking crazy!!!











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This is what happens when I try and get my service from RDCO back

Mary Jane Drouin tells me on behalf of Brian Reardon that I can't talk about having my services back

So now the RCMP know why I can't deal with RDCO about barking, don't they.

RDCO is the biggest jerk and they are not interested!!!

The RCMP do peruse this website, so they can't say they didn't know.

The RCMP have constantly told me to mend my relationship with RDCO. 

Its time to shut the fruck up!!!!

I am not the only one that is not happy with services in the area.

I never had any service to start with.  Nothing has changed in 8 frikken years!!!

Nothing will ever change.

I am not going to continually ask RDCO for service.  It is a waste of my time.  It is obvious to me that I will never have service from RDCO because RDCO is the biggest asshole on this planet!!!

And as far as the RCMP go, they are frikken corrupt.

The RCMP made sure they didn't come out to catch a barking dog so that I could prove I was being bullied by my neighbors using their barking dogs against me for the last frucking 8 frucking years!!!




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I asked the RCMP why they can't put a car in my subdivision with a dash cam going to catch the quads and dirt bikers so I don't have to do their job for them and they won't need extra manpower.

They told me cause they can't!!!  Just like my parents did when I was 5 years old!!!  No explanation, just that they can't.

The one officer told me the RCMP sat in the subdivision from 5am to 10am one morning and there was no barking.  Whoopty!! Someone probably seen the RCMP in the subdivision and phoned around, or the dogs were not barking but I suspect it is more than likely word got around, especially if he was in a marked vehicle.  He told me he sat near the house with all the security cameras.  I am pretty sure he was watching my place from where he was parked.  If he wasn't in a marked vehicle then maybe its possible the dogs were not barking that morning.  They don't bark 24/7.

And then the RCMP asked me to turn off my audio recording equipment and stop video taping the neighbors breaking bylaws.  The RCMP are asking me to let the neighbors break bylaws and bully me with their barkers.  Bullying causes suicide.  How can I let the neighbors kill me?  That is a pretty tall order.

The RCMP have some nerve coming here and telling me that!!!

And they even had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to seek mental help, and who my family doctor is on top of it all.  The last thing the officer said as he was leaving, am I sure I don't want to tell the officers who my family doctor is!!!!

Wow, just wow!!!

Yeh, as if it it was me that egged the neighbors house and threw fireworks at the neighbors house, or it was me that shot a ball bearing at the neighbors house, or it is me who lets my dog bark its head off for hours, and not the other way around.

I gave the RCMP a USB stick with video and audio on it, and they left.

Then I emailed these two links to you-tube of video of the girl that lets her dogs bark to piss me off and a link to the Fire Dept guy in the bush with his dogs, and links to this website of the at large and barking dogs.

Hopefully the RCMP will view that USB stick and see the actions of the neighbors on dash cam video.

The RDCO and RCMP have all the neighbors against me, so I want the RCMP to see what they have helped create!!!

I know the RCMP are just going to reiterate to me again, how there are no laws being broken, or how they can't do anything!!!

Just like they always do!!!

The RCMP are a never ending failure.  Look at how much time and effort they have spent out here and have accomplished nothing!!!!  They have just made things worse by siding with the bylaw breakers charging me giving the neighbors the go ahead to bully me some more.

Geez the RCMP have time to sit waiting for a dog to bark for 5 hours when dogs are not barking, but they don't have time to come out when a dog is barking for 5 hours ... in how many years!!!




Obviously wasting time sitting on the side of the road for 5 hours waiting for dogs to bark was a bad idea!!!

Don't know why the RCMP and RDCO can't come out when a dog is actually barking!  It doesn't take anymore time to come out when a dog is barking, than when it is not barking.  In fact it wouldn't have taken 5 hours to not catch a dog barking, if they came out when a dog was barking for 5 hours instead, and actually caught a dog barking.  If the RCMP would have came out on the weekend when the property at Ewings Landing next door to the subdivision was being used as a race track all weekend for two weekends in a row, my licence plate wouldn't have been stolen, and I wouldn't have parked on the side of the road with my dash cam running.

As for all the quads and dirt bikes running back and forth on the road in the subdivision and the race track next door, there is no reason why the RCMP can't park a vehicle on the side of the road with a dash cam running instead of the vehicle being occupied by a bored officer.  That must have been torture for the officer to sit in his car for 5 hours like that!!

The way the RCMP are doing their job, just makes me cringe!!!  Its no wonder they have no resources they keep telling me!!!

If I ran my business like that, I surely wouldn't have any customers!!!

I hope that one day the RCMP don't find my dead body.

How would the RCMP feel if they did find my dead body, RELIEF?

I don't want to give them that satisfaction!!!

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Anyone know of a property and house I can buy for $152,800 (assessment for my house) in the North Okanagan?

If I knew I could sell and buy another property and house, I would let my bullies bully me out of my home and off my property!!!

I am not eligible for a mortgage or insurance on a house with a title notice against it!!!

I can't afford to do anything more to the house since my family is unable to help me build it anymore, they are getting too old now.

And who would want to buy a house in a neighborhood with excessive barking dogs and a dirt bike track next door?

At the moment, the only place I know I can call home is my vehicle parked by the side of the road with signs all over it.

That is my dilemma that I just can't seem to work out!!!

Do I live in my vehicle or my house?

I can't live with people because they piss me off so bad, and I need to live alone.

I certainly can't afford rent by myself!!!

And who is going to rent to someone with a large dog?


Where can I live other than on the street in my vehicle with my dog?

If that is where I end up, I guess that is where I end up.

I certainly won't be quiet about being bullied out of my subdivision, that is for sure!!!

I will adorn my new digs with lots and lots of signs!!!

I certainly don't want to give up my home that was specifically built for me by my family and has sentimental value to me, but if it brings me some peace and quiet, I guess that is my only option is to go live in my vehicle and protest everywhere I can, maybe in front of the RCMP station and RDCO with tons of signs, because its the RCMP and RDCO who are the ones making me homeless.  It will be those who I target with my signs!!!

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If you know this person on this red quad, the RCMP wish to speak with him.
This red quad drove by my place at Valley of the Sun a few times too many on April 22, 2018.

RCMP File 2018-8184

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April 22, 2018 I parked alongside the public road in front of 7945 Alpine Road at Valley of the Sun, hoping to catch quads and dirt bikers with my dash cam.  I caught the red quad in the photo above talking to the neighbor on my dash cam, as I drove by and after I snapped the photo above.  So now the neighbors will have to either lie and say nobody was in their yard with a red quad, which I believe they did lie, and then they will have to fess up to their lie due to the proof I have, which is coming.  I love my dash cam.  It tells it all!!!

While my vehicle was parked in front of 7945 Alpine Road, someone stole my rear licence plate.

For the cost of a new licence plate at $18, the $18 is priceless, because for $18, now I have some proof of who was doing all the dirt biking all day long next to Valley of the Sun subdivision and I have video of these people all surrounding my vehicle in their dirt bike gear, waving and smiling into my dash camera and putting their thumbs up in the air as if they caught me for something.  Then they hung around on the road waiting for the RCMP to come so they can get proof I did something wrong.  The RCMP rushed to their aid after telling me there is nothing they can do about the noise of the dirt bikers driving racing around next to the subdivision as if it were a race track.  The neighbors actions surrounding my vehicle show it all.  I should have another dash cam for the rear by next weekend for these quads and dirt bikes keep driving around, so I won't be loosing another licence plate. I will either be going for a drive, or I will be parking alongside the road again, and I will catch you.  I will be investing in a rear dash camera for next time, so nobody will be stealing my licence plate again.  I wonder who the thief was!  Might have been the person who kept running over my green metal address sign post, until my address sign completely disappeared one day or it may have been someone else, I am not sure.

Dash cams are cheap, and so are licence plates at $18.  But I don't mind paying for some peace, lol. 

Paying for peace, is a lot easier than trying to get the authorities to come out to do their job.

And this way, people will actually be caught!!!

Too bad the authorities don't have an extra vehicle kicking around that they can't park on the side of the road, with a dash cam running, instead of me having to do it for them!!!

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Letter from RCMP about my several complaints

click letter for a larger copy

That one sided investigation is how I am being charged by the neighbor.

Guess the RCMP are going to have another meeting about me, only this time with crown council the letter says.

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Found a couple morels and this wood tick in my hair.

I was told it is the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick: known to transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tularemia, Colorado Tick Fever, and is a major cause of tick paralysis.

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I don't recommend the mechanic across the road

I don't recommend the mechanic living across the road from me because I have heard a red vehicle reving there every day or every second day for 2 weeks now.  Seems to me, he is having trouble fixing his vehicle.  I have never heard so much reving and at top throttle like that in a car shop.. not for 1/2 hour at a time each time for 2 weeks.

This would be at Valley of the Dogs.

It sure is annoying, wish he would just break down and take it to a shop because obviously he is unable to fix it himself in two weeks, if he ain't working on other vehicles too but when I have looked over there, I have seen a red BMW each time except one other time I seen a brighter red car that doesn't live there.

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APRIL 14 and 15, 2018 I believe people were burning green tree limbs they just cut

The whistle blower always ends up paying with their life!

For two days on April 14 and 15, 2018 I heard chainsaws, and quads going, plus a generator next door going at the same time.  It wasn't a pleasant two days, let me put it that way.  The quad noise was constantly coming through the walls of my house, gas on, gas off, gas on, gas off.  I don't know why they needed a quad on that 1/2 acre lot constantly putting the gas on, but it sure was annoying me.

Called the Kelowna Fire Dept to report someone burning green wood on April 14, 2018.

After that I saw that the Fire Chief attended, and the fire seemed to have went out.

Then again on April 15, 2018 the fire was going again.

Called Kelowna Fire Dept April 15, 2018 and they wouldn't tell me if the people had a burn permit or anything about my complaint the previous day, due to privacy concerns she told me.

Kelowna Fire asked if I wanted to report it again, and I said no because I don't need no more charges against me, if the Fire Chief is letting them burn green or wet wood to clear their lot like he let the people across the road from him burn green wood last March, then I don't need no more charges.  So I didn't report it the second day that it went on, but I wanted to.

Here are some pictures of the fire pit after it was put out, and the people had left after the second day.

There was a lot of smoke for such a small fire pit.


This is the wood that was piled to the right of the fire pit.

Those limbs look wet to me, but who knows, maybe they took some limbs to the dump, but I doubt it.

Does that wood look dry to you?  They may not have been burning needles in this pile, but the wood was still wet in my opinion.

My guess is that the Fire Chief probably called it a campfire due to its size, but its obvious to me that this was an open burn the size of a campfire, trying to clean up their lot.  It burned for two days and there was a lot of smoke going out into the lungs of people and animals.

To me it was obvious they were burning wet tree limbs, or that black tree limb in the fire pit would be looking a bit different than it does, and there wouldn't have been so much smoke for 2 days.  When my lot was cleared, the trees were buried in my lot and not burned.  Wish more people would bury their wood waste if its feasible.

This is the lot that was being cleared for two days April 14 and 15, 2018, where I heard the chainsaws and quad going all day over there.  There were at least 20 trees cut down.  You can see tree stumps in the photos.  They cut the stumps quite tall I thought.

Do you think they took all those limbs from the trees to the dump?  Where do you think all the limbs went from the 20 trees that were cut?  Do you think it all went up in smoke?

There are some limbs left on the lot in a few piles, but I don't think they constitute enough tree limbs for 20 trees.  That is just what didn't get burned or taken to the dump yet, if that is where the limbs really went?

Middle of lot

click photo for a larger copy

Right side of lot.  You can see the fire pit in this photo.

click photo for a larger copy

Far right corner of lot.

click photo for a larger copy

Left side of lot

click photo for a larger copy

I am thinking of making a video that runs in fast motion, of the smoke that went on for 2 days at Valley of the Dogs from that small fire pit the size of a campfire.

I also contacted the Ministry of Environment about what is going on with the Fire Chief and RDCO Fire Manager letting people burn green and wet wood last March.   I got a return call from the Ministry saying that they don't deal with burning complaints, despite what the Ministry of Environment's website states.  I hope that is not what the Fire Chief was doing again, letting people burn green or wet wood.   I don't know what the Fire Chief did because I am not allowed to know, and I was too scared to report it the second day because of being charged by the Fire Chief for nothing from last March, only trying to get something done about the excessive smoke that is killing everyone and being charged for it through the RCMP.  You should see what the paperwork says, its all about my smoke calls, but apparently the Fire Chief is charging me personally.  Too bad I can't show you the paperwork for court.  You should come to court and see for yourself on May 1, 2018 in Vernon at 9:30am.  You can see just how the system works.  The whistle blower always ends up paying!!!!  I have accepted that!!!  It don't matter to me!!!  Whatever happens to me about speaking out about things, happens!!!  I have stopped caring about what happens to me, so it don't matter.  A trip to the nut house or jail would do me some good!!!  I would get some sleep that way!!  I am sure I could sleep for days if I got away from here!!!

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Can you please shut your F'N dog up??

8 years of listening to your first dog bark excessively and now your second dog barking excessively just about daily is getting on my nerves, and its affecting my health!


I know you are trying to make me sick so I will move, and so that is why you leave your dog barking excessively daily?

I think you love to bully me daily!!!  You want me to get sick!!!  You get a kick out of it, don't you!!!

I am physically sick from all the bullying and you are laughing!!!


You dog barked for an hour April 16, 2018 while I protested in front of your house with my protest sign for a bit until your dog went and laid down!!!!  It doesn't bark at strangers apparently, it barks at everything else.






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Psychologists Explain Why You Should Be Friends With People Who Swear A Lot
Rachel-Lee Thomas, Staff Writer - July 12, 2017

Growing up, we’re usually taught to refrain from swearing because it’s inappropriate and rude. There’s definitely a bit of a social stereotype in which those who swear are seen as uneducated, but according to a recent study, potty mouths might be a lot smarter than they were once perceived.

Tons of people have the opinion that people who swear frequently only do it because they don’t have the vocabulary to express themselves intelligently, but psychologists Kristin Joy of Marist College and Timothy Jay of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts disagree with this.

According to their findings, people who use ‘taboo words’ are actually more likely to be fluent in mundane, neutral words. ‘People who use taboo words understand their general expressive content as well as nuanced distinctions that must be drawn to use slurs appropriately,’ the researchers wrote. ‘The ability to make nuanced distinction indicates the presence of more rather than less linguistic knowledge.’

Another study used technology to test thousands of Facebook statuses searching for people who use swear words and for words that indicate deception. The study found that those who used swear words were more likely to be honest. So basically, if you swear like a sailor you’re honest and intelligent.

Researchers say that those who swear more often are more comfortable expressing themselves and are therefore being more genuine than someone who refrains.

Other studies can back up all of these findings. For example, in criminal cases, innocent suspects are more likely to curse than a guilty one who is denying accusations, and if you swear during a testimony, you are seen as more credible.

So basically, swearing isn’t such a bad thing after all! The next time someone gets mad at you for dropping an F-bomb, just say you were being smart and honest. It’s all in the science! Check out this video to get more facts in detail.

Source: https://www.providr.com/intelligent-people-stay-late-love-swearing/?utm_source=karmmaa&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=providr

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March 26, 2018 letter from BC Ombudsman

RDCO requires more than one citizen to make a barking complaint this letter states

what about this citizen who told the whole RDCO Board that he is my witness and to do something about the barking

An email was sent to the BC Ombudsman asking what is considered a citizen.  Can it be another person from another subdivision or does it have to be a person from my subdivision?  Can it be a visitor to my subdivision who stayed for a couple of weeks?  Who is this citizen?  Another person from another subdivision did say he was a witness and did try to complain to RDCO at their Board meeting about the barking.

Video of the neighbor telling me she lets her dogs bark to piss me off.

RCMP Constable telling me he wrote me two tickets wrong on purpose that he served me in my yard, and that his boss told him to jump my locked gate 4 times to re-serve the tickets.

RCMP jumping my locked gate making a joke of it

Me speaking at 2017 RDCO Board budget meeting about dog control

Me speaking at 2016 RDCO Board budget meeting about dog control

The neighbors were saying to the RCMP that I am always using the words "us" when I talk on here.  I guess that is cause its usually "us" me and my dog.  So I am going to start using the word "I" for the neighbors who are charging me.

I would put my name to this, but I have too many haters due to all the rumors about me, and I don't need anything more done to my house.

Would you start feeling like maybe you are crazy if everyone keeps telling you that you are, including authorities who won't do their job?

If this can happen to me, it can happen to someone else!!!  How would you feel if it was you?

Blue Divider Line

This is the North Westside Rd Fire Chiefs way of bullying me

This is the North Westside Rd Fire Chiefs way of revenge for me complaining about his barking and at large dogs and all the other barking and at large dogs.

He lets his dog off leash when he see's me coming and then waves hahahaha.  He knows that nobody in authority will do anything about my complaints, he is safe.  Nobody else here will complain.  I AM THE ONLY ONE!!!!  CAUSE THEY ALL WANT TO SEE ME LEAVE FOR COMPLAINING I CAN'T TAKE MY DOG FOR A WALK AND I HAVE TO LISTEN TO EXCESSIVE BARKING ALL THE TIME!!!  THE AUTHORITIES ARE CORRUPT, THATS WHY THERE IS NO DOG CONTROL!!!!

He don't like it when I show the community how he acts, so he got me charged. I think its in the Communities best interest to know this is happening!  If it can happen to one person in the community, it can happen to another.

He said in an email to me a few years back, "I should speak to the neighbor"... the neighbors I know are deaf including the Fire Chief told me he was partially deaf when I asked him if he would complain about the barking by other dogs, and I believe him!!!  In another email, he states he is well aware of the leash law, but what does he do but let his dog run at large in front of me when he see's me coming, cause he can without facing any consequences.

I am tired of being blamed and harassed because the neighbors like to flaunt bylaws in front of my face to bully me.

I am being charged by the RCMP for "harassing communication" by the Fire Chief.

But really, who is harassing who?

One member of the community who wishes to remain anonymous, told me that the Fire Chief told him that I may be responsible for a dog dying.  This will be brought up in court.

The North Westside Road Fire Chief asked in front of neighbors at the Nov 30, 2017 meeting, what if I swerve and hit him, as if I may try to drive over him or something, is he allowed to take pictures?

This meeting was held by the RCMP, RDCO and the neighbors in regards to notoriously famous, me!!!
RDCO CAO was at the meeting saying, "This is the way we will get her", asking neighbors to make complaints about me.

This is the conversation where the Fire Chief states that it would be tough to prove that the neighbor was burning green wood, and she could easily say that the material she was burning was dry.  When the wood was wet!!  I am the one being charged, and the neighbors get off scott free breaking bylaws all they want because truly the RDCO and the RCMP are also out for revenge on me for complaining about how they do their jobs... not very well.  Its making me physically sick!!!  The only thing I can do is report it to the people in hopes that someone, or other people, will help save me and the dogs from this torture.  I can't go to the authorities, cause they are the ones targeting me!!!  Yeh I am the whistleblower!!!  I wouldn't be blowing my horn if people would leave me alone and stop subjecting me to listen to them torture their dogs by never acknowledging their excessive barking and disturbing my peace!!  I have a dog myself, but I don't let him bark for 5 1/2 hours or 4 hours steady!!!  My dog doesn't bark every time he goes to the bathroom last thing at night and first thing in the morning either.

Here is the conversation I had with RDCO Fire Manager about the Fire Chief letting people burn green wood and the charges against me.  He states that its not an issue to do with RDCO, and that the Fire Chief is charging me with "harassing communication" personally.

Someone commented on the North Westside Road Fire Rescues Facebook page about taking small amounts of wood to the dump.  Would be prudent of the Fire Chief to mention this to people when they ask for a burn permit instead of letting people burn small amounts of green tree limbs on March 30 that were cut in Nov. the year before and laid scattered on the ground under snow all winter.

Did the North Westside Road Fire Chief tell people that several neighbors have a restraining order on me?  Because this post below is what one of his friends private messaged me a few years back when we were arguing about his barking dog on Facebook.  I had no restraining orders back then, but I do have two now.  Its called an "undertaking given to a peace officer" what I have.  Not suppose to go near these people charging me, including I am not allowed to call the North Westside Road Fire Hall.

I have one court case May 1, 2018 with the Fire Chief and one June 28, 2018 with the other neighbors who are charging me.  You know the neighbors who I complained about burning green wood and their dog running at large all the time and constantly harass me trying to plow the hill this year, taking photos of me plowing, and putting their shovels in the way of the snow plow, and backing into me while I try and back up the hill to plow, and lie about me saying things like their tires were flat all the time until their neighbor got security cameras, and the day the male was harassing me claiming I was video taping his children I was driving by when he jerked his arm off at me and I called it in thinking it must be illegal.  He told the RCMP that their kids went running into the house crying cause they thought their Dad was going to get run over, when their Dad told them to go in the house and when the kids didn't look scared at all and they were goofing off before their Dad told them to go in the house which it shows on video the day their Dad wouldn't leave me alone when I was parked on the road reporting him jerking his arm off at me as I drove by.  I thought it would be illegal, but apparently you can jerk your arm off at whoever you want.  Another one of the lies is I was taking video with my digital camera while NOT parked which got me a ticket that was eventually declared "invalid" was the authorities words in their letter.


People are out to get me for speaking out about being bullied, and they don't like it, cause they are bullies, so they run to the RCMP who are more than happy to take their complaints because I have complained about how the RCMP aren't doing their job several times.  BC Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said he can't comment as my allegations of criminal activity are under investigation!!!!  Good one eh!! Mr Goodale forwarded my allegations of criminal activity to the very people I complained of committing the criminal activity, having them investigate themselves.  These officers work together as a team and are buddies.  Don't you think that is a conflict of interest Ralph!!!  Too bad I couldn't investigate myself too!!!  The system needs lots of improvement in my opinion.  How many times can it be said, that the RCMP should not be investigating themselves!!!  Especially the RCMP from the same area, investigating themselves!!!!  The RCMP commit crime too.  Do you have criminals investigating themselves too Ralph?  Are you listening BC Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale?  When will things change BC Public Safety Minister Ralph??  ITS AN UNFAIR SYSTEM RALPH!!!

Can I investigate myself too Ralph?

Letter from BC Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale who is responsible for the RCMP

click letter for a larger copy

The May 1, 2018 court case is all over neighbors breaking bylaws, and me speaking out about how corrupt everything is!!!

The Fire Chief said on facebook that he is going to try and be responsible letting his dog off leash in front of me when he see's me coming lol!!!

If a person ain't allowed to fight back, then I guess I deserve jail or the nut house!!!

At this point, jail or any other sentence against me, doesn't matter to me anymore!!!

My life sucks being bullied anyway!!!

The bullying by my neighbors would stop if I was in jail or the nut house!!!

Maybe my Lichen Planus skin condition would go away then too!!!

After 8 years of being bullied almost daily, don't you think that would be enough to drive someone crazy?

The stress of being bullied by everyone including the authorities, contributes to my Lichen Planus skin condition.

If someone being hit, can't fight back to protect themselves, then I don't know!!!

I just hope that the system is fair and reasonable with me, but I don't hold out hope because of all the crap so far.

I have a reputation and my health to protect too, but nobody seems to care about me!!!

I can't run to the authorities because I have tried over and over and over and over again!!!  I have nothing left to try anymore and I have no hope left.  I have tried everything.  I have tried to do everything legal, but nothing has worked!!!

If I am being charged with posting to the web, I feel I may as well tell the whole story.

I am not the one bullying.  I wasn't the one putting up all the posters on the bulletin board and all the rural mailboxes.  I wasn't the one who egged my house on Valentines day.  I wasn't the one who threw fireworks at my house on Halloween.  I wasn't the one who shot the ball bearing at my house.

I wasn't the one in a store downtown Vernon telling people I poison dogs, that my friend told me about.

If I am crazy, my neighbors drove me crazy!!!

RDCO told me to take photos of the barking dogs, then when I did, I had 2 neighbors chase me on foot, and RDCO then told me that I caused the dogs to bark!!

Like I can really stand there for 5 1/2 hours or 4 hours or whatever taking photos or video of dogs!!!

Audio of one RCMP officer saying he wrote tickets with the wrong date on purpose and then jumped my locked gate 4 times trying to re-serve them.

Video of 2 RCMP officers making a joke jumping my locked gate trying to re-serve a ticket they purposely wrote with the wrong date.

Here is an RCMP officer laughing after he thought he hung up the phone after telling me that the RCMP have to serve me some documents trying to scare me to think I had more trouble coming.  He was meaning the tickets that the RCMP were trying to re-serve me.

Here is what the RCMP have to say about me!!!

Here is what the BC Ombudsman said about RDCO enforcing bylaws and banning me (April 20, 2016)

Here is what the BC Ombudsman says about RDCO not enforcing the dog bylaw (Feb 27, 2018)
so I swore a few times, I was frustrated, they make it such a big hairy!!!

Here is what North Westside Road Director Carson told RDCO board about an at large dog that bit his wife and dogs chasing and killing a California Big Horn Sheep

Newspaper article about 2 dead California Big Horn Sheep, one where dogs were seen chasing the sheep into Okanagan Lake.

Letter from Community Services Minister saying that more than one person is NOT required to complain about a barking dog due to the nature of the Interpretation Act section 28, and that any words in the plural form also mean the non-plural form.  The old RDCO Chief bylaw enforcement officer said to RDCO Board that more than one person is needed to complain about a barking dog, but its not true (pg 1).

RDCO dog consultant said that barking is the number one dog complaint in the RDCO

I try to talk to RDCO CAO and he refuses my mail sending it back to me with refused written on the front.  The letter states, "as per policy".  That ain't the only communication that was returned to me unopened.

Someone else tried to complain about barking, but was only a visitor to the area, so RDCO did nothing.

A love note from my neighbor, after sending them a letter trying to get their dog to be quiet.  The same neighbor who fingered me.

I seen this on the bulletin board at Upper Fintry subdivision a while back.  Someone was trying to poison dogs it looks like.  This notice was not at Valley of the Sun, and there is an easement road at Upper Fintry too.  It makes me wonder if someone else wasn't getting any dog control from RDCO that someone felt the need to poison a dog or something!!!

See all the at large dogs around here that I have run into.  I have seen 7 now in the last month, and many more over the years.

Here are some links to check out

Here is the smoke  from burning green tree limbs that I was complaining about to the North Westside Road Fire Chief which I am being charged for.

Audio of RDCO Director for North Westside Road who's wife was bit by an at large dog telling his story to RDCO Board members at their regular Board meeting

RDCO CAO refused to pick up 10 lb dog at large left to be eaten alive by coyotes, so I drove the dog to RDCO pound while RDCO CAO drove out here to do a drive through my subdivision so he could claim he didn't hear any dogs barking. He was here a whole 5 minutes and had to rush back to Kelowna to get back through the Westside Road construction road block by 12:30pm before it closed for a couple hours. The road opened at 11:30am so he had an hour from the road block to my subdivsion near Fintry park and back. No wonder he was only here for 5 minutes and drove only one round, he was worried about the road closing before he could make it back through.

This is what the coyote killing dogs sound like at night at Valley of the Sun. They have barked steady for 4 hours in one night that one night.

This is the yard dog barking sporadic for 56 minutes of barking in 4 hours and 26 minutes. I took out all the space where there was no barking on this audio.

These are some of the at large dogs I have come across (6 in the last month). One dog was in my yard and I keep seeing that dog at large.

This is some of the dog shit I have picked up within a one block radius on my walk.

My May 1, 2018 court date at 9:30am is for "harassing communication" with the fire chief. At first it was over the conversation at the link but then it turned into my posting on the web too I think. But here is the conversation I had with the Fire Chief that I am being charged with and video of the lady burning green tree limbs I tried to complain about to the Fire Chief, and apparently I make false fire complaints too and so that is part of the case too. The fire chief claimed he could not find the smoke when it was near his house coming down my easement road. Luckily I have security cam video of the smoke I falsely claimed.

My June 28, 2018 court date at 9:30am in Vernon is over complaining about someone burning green wood and posting it to the web (at the video link above). The people claim I am video recording their children. The RCMP went after me for this because I complain to the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP about the barking and how the RCMP are not doing their job and committing criminal acts.

My old Director in 2012 RDCO Governance and Services meeting wanted revenge on me for making frivolous barking complaints. He is the one who started all this crap.

My neighbor with the yard dog fingering me

scroll down, there is more

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I am doing a lot of crying going back through all the evidence I have.

Its torture for me to go back through all these incidents, trying to organize everything back to 2009!

I hope that Valley of the Sun, the RDCO CAO and the RCMP are finally happy about getting me!!!

Like you really did your jobs!!!

It is very upsetting that I will be the one suffering consequences and everyone else who bullied me gets off scott free bullying me since I started complaining about barking after Christmas Day 2009 listening to one dog howling and two dogs barking almost across the road from each other all day Christmas Day.

It was very depressing sitting there Christmas day 2009 all by myself because I worry about what my neighbors are going to do to my house so I don't like to leave it, and having to listen to 3 dogs all day.  I was missing my family and feeling sorry for the neighbors 3 dogs all day, getting annoyed at all the barking.  Christmas Day 2009 was pretty stressful for me.  What is even more stressful is when I try and have something done about the barking, the authorities make fun of me how they write their dog incident reports saying the neighbors call me the crazy lady up the hill and shit like that.  They make it look like an aggressive dog is contained cause the gate is locked failing to mention its a barb wire fenced 20 acre property with a cattle gate.  There is cut barb wire on the fence I seen walking down the trail one day too.

Its a real gong show here at Valley of the Dogs, let me tell you!!!

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Its fine for the neighbors to break bylaws as long as you are in charge, ain't it RDCO CAO? All because you personally want to get me!!!  You don't like someone saying what a bad job the Regional District of Central Okanagan is doing at dog control, because you are the head of dog control!!!  I have a witness of the November 30, 2016 meeting at Killiney Beach Hall where RDCO CAO Brian Reardon told my neighbors, "This is how we will get her".  Meaning me.  RDCO CAO Brian Reardon wants me so bad he had some neighbors email complaints about my property to RDCO.

April 6, 2018 dog off leash walking on Balsam Road

Instead of RDCO banning me, they should have taken an exception to their dog bylaw policy requiring more than one property to complain about a barking dog or at large dog.  Yes RDCO told me that more than one person is needed to complain about an at large dog too, and that at large dogs are not a safety issue, and that RDCO CAO Brian Reardon will only attend to issues where safety is a concern.  After 8 years of complaining, you would think RDCO would find there is an issue and that it needs to be dealt with in an appropriate manner instead of banning me trying to get me to go away.

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I would hope not!!!

If someone is being hit, and that someone hits back to protect themself, is that someone liable for assault?

I would hope not, but who knows in this screwed up system we have to live with!!!

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I can't even be in my own yard with my dog and I have other peoples dogs coming into my yard.

I was outside with my dog on leash in my own yard, when this at large dog with no owner came into my yard.

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April 3, 2018 second time someone's pitbull chased my vehicle in the last two times I went out.

This is just one of the reason's why I can't walk my dog in the subdivision.  I can't even walk my dog in my easement road.  I can't even leave my property without something happening that I want to report and can't because the authorities are corrupt!!!  The people who own this dog are the same people charging me with criminal harassment and mischief through the corrupt RCMP!!!

This incident was on April 3, 2018 and the last incident was on April 1, 2018

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April 3, 2018 another dog owner walking his blue heeler dog off leash like usual

He is not paying attention to his dog at all.

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March 23, 2018 a black dog with white paws was walking down Balsam Road toward Alpine Road off leash, with someone that doesn't own the dog walking far behind the dog.

This would be 911 Firwood Roads dog who I have repeatedly complained about being at large.

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March 11, 2018 two dogs being walked off leash on Balsam Road at Valley of the Dogs

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March 3, 2018 at large dog on Firwood Road

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And apparently the Fire Chief is charging me personally and that it doesn't have anything to do with RDCO, I am told by Ross the Fire Manager at RDCO.

I am charged with "Harassing Communication" over phone calls I made to the North Westside Road Fire Chief about the neighbor burning green wood on March 30, 2017.  The court case for this is scheduled for May 1, 2018 at 9:30am in Vernon BC if you are interested in attending.  Come watch the corrupt system terrorize me some more!!!  Come watch me cry and get sent to the looney bin!!!  That is what they want, and that is probably what they will get because the system is corrupt!!!

This is a photo taken March 21, 2018 of the green tree limbs that the neighbor was trying to burn on March 30, 2017 creating huge smoke that I watched for 9 minutes from down the road a ways, before I drove up and took a photo and then drove down the easement.  You can see in the photo that the green tree limbs that were cut in Nov 2016 were still green on March 21, 2017 and March 22, 2017 when the photos below were taken.

March 21, 2017

Yeh, that is the crack in the windshield I was fined for.


March 22, 2017


The trees across the road from the green wood burner, were cut approx. Nov 13, 2016

The green tree limbs being burned March 30, 2017 were also cut approx. Nov 13, 2016 and laid on the ground scattered under the snow all winter.  They certainly were not dry.


There were orange pile-ons around the easement road that day of Nov 13, 2016

Good thing for dash cams and digital cameras eh!!!
There is that crack in the windshield again, that the RCMP ticketed me for.

This is the conversation where the Fire Chief states that it would be tough to prove that the neighbor was burning green wood, and she could easily say that the material she was burning was dry.  Yes she could say that for sure, but if the Fire Chief wasn't blind, he may say that he seen the green tree limbs she was burning and that she shouldn't burn it, and that its free to take to the dump, but he didn't.  Does the material in the photo of the green tree limbs taken March 21, 2017 look dry to you?  How could the Fire Chief not see that the tree limbs were green?  Does he need glasses or is he not only deaf, he is blind too.  Yeh a while back when I asked him if he would help me complain about the barking, he told me he was partly deaf.  I guess you can be partly blind and deaf and still be a Fire Chief.  I have lots of dash cam video of this green wood because I drove by it all the time.  How can the Fire Chief not know the tree limbs were green, especially when he lives right across the road from this pile of wet tree limbs that was obviously cut down in November 2016!!!  Was he oblivious to when the trees were cut, I would think not.  He must have seen the excessive smoke after I immediately reported the smoke when I seen it.  I feel the Fire Chief is just being ignorant with me over complaining about his dog at large and barking, and he is joining in with other barking dog owner neighbors trying to get me in trouble so I will move, when I can't move.  Nobody wants to be caught breaking bylaws and so they are against me and want to get me into trouble any way then can.

I feel that some people in charge of the area are more than just ignorant, they are down right corrupt!!!

Its all over several neighbors breaking bylaws as to why I am being charged, not only with this case mentioned above but I have another case with the person who was burning the green wood where I am charged with "criminal harassment" and mischief!!!  She told the RCMP that she was having a small campfire.  She told the RCMP that she had a burning permit and she was allowed to burn the wood.  The RCMP arrested me at the court house when I appeared to have my fine reduced for forgetting to renew my drivers licence that the RCMP hung around Westside Road and stalked me to issue the ticket.  I didn't know I had a warrant out for my arrest and I never did see the warrant that I know of.  I would like a copy of that warrant, but since the RCMP have me under investigation, I am not allowed the information through Freedom of Information.  The neighbors who are charging me through the RCMP are claiming I video taped their children and posted it on you-tube.  Yes I video recorded the smoke and posted the video of it to You-Tube, and apparently it wasn't against You-Tubes community standards I found out after someone complained to You-tube about the video, so I kept the video up.  I keep complaining about barking, at large dogs and smoke, because the authorities are not doing their job.  I have to complain and complain and complain and complain until something is done, which is never.  With the barking, I have been complaining for 8 years now, and I will never give up, because I am not a looser.  Its the poor dogs who are loosing out and me too with my health (Lichen Planus).

And its not just the Fire Chief out to get me, but RDCO CAO Brian Reardon is also out to get me!!!  He said so at the meeting he had with neighbors and the RCMP at Killiney Beach Hall about me on Nov 30, 2016.  My sister told me that RDCO CAO Brian Reardon said at the Nov 30, 2016 meeting, "This is how we will get her" and that will be brought up in court as well.  My sister is coming to court to be a witness!!!  RDCO CAO Brian Reardon received 6 emails from neighbors complaining about my property in the days following that Nov 30, 2016 meeting.

The people doing this to me are corrupt!!!  I just hope that the justice system works this time!!!  Its so frikken scary because I know just how corrupt court has been with me in the past when I tried to take the neighbors and RDCO to court over the barking.  I lost both settlement conferences.  No more settlement conferences for me I tell ya!!!  I don't recommend them.  That is definitely where corruption can happen.  Its not recorded and you can't use what is said in the settlement conference at trial.

Just because I tell the community what is going on, I am to blame, and the bylaw breakers get off scott free and get to laugh at me for the trouble they got me into???  I sure hope not!!!  But my belief is that I am deep shit.  You are not permitted to fight back the system.  If you do, the all mighty powerful system will be out to get you and you will go down in history!!!

If I am charged with anything, I will never speak another word to anyone in my life time so I can never be charged again.  I will have my lips stitched together so I can't speak, and I will glue my hands together so I can't type.  If I am charged and suffer consequences over all this, it will literally kill me.  Being able to tell my story has helped to keep me from going crazier than I already am!!!  I don't know what will happen to me when I stop speaking and typing and I have no way to vent and help my depression and disappointment in my life.  I feel like the web has helped me to vent and has honestly helped to clear my name with some people anyway.  There are all kinds of rumors going around about me how bad I am.  Nobody likes me.  You know how depressing that is, just because you want to live a normal life without being smoked out and barked out and can't even walk my dog without fear of other dogs at large getting into a fight with my dog and my dog being put down cause he is part pitbull.

8 years of this has really taken its toll on me, I can surely say that!!!  Its a ridiculous system!!!  Explaining things on the web, has only helped me feel better. I have nobody to tell my story to, except my dog.  Nobody wants to listen to me complain.

There are no bullying laws for me.  There really is no justice for me.  Come and watch me go down May 1, 2018 at Vernon Court house at 9:30am.  Come watch my spirit and soul die.  Come and watch me cry and die inside!!!

I post about this stuff, because I think it is of community concern.  I also feel these court cases I am being charged with are of community concern, so please come and see for yourself how the criminal justice system works.

Nobody ever gets charged with bullying. I am considered the bully!!!  My dog can be choking on smoke, but I am the bully!!!

In my opinion, I am living a nightmare, but this nightmare is real.

Photo of my Lichen Planus taken April 2, 2018

I am also scared of what my Lichen Planus is doing from all the stress.  I have read that it can come back with a vengeance although I think I have already had the "come back with a vengeance" once, I hope it will NOT come back a second time with a vengeance.

When I was young, I broke out in spots that were not itchy, and the doctor at that time diagnosed me as having a virus.  I wonder if it was lichen planus back then too.

This is my thumb on March 27, 2018

I believe this is also a Lichen Planus spot on my thumb because its itchy too.  There is one on my finger too.

This is my finger with Lichen Planus on March 26, 2018

I have to wait 4 weeks for the results of this second biopsy.  I already had one biopsy and was diagnosed with Lichen Planus back in 2011, but he wants to check out this spot on my leg and see if its still lichen planus or something else.  I think its lichen planus because its itchy.  I am putting real Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and Vitamin E liquid on it and I am taking vitamin C supplement orally, maybe that will help it.

My Lichen Planus legs on Feb 13, 2012

For more information about being smoked out, check out this page.

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Read this in regards to the Justice System

EXACTLY!!!  There are people who don't get justice!  How is that Justice??  The Ministry should be called the Ministry of Injustice!!!

I feel I am going to have my own story like the stories mentioned at the link below, all because of the corrupt system!!!  It scares the hell out of me because I have tried it before!!!

When I tried to take RDCO to small claims court, I was told by a settlement conference judge, that sometimes life ain't fair!!!  That was the judges words when I tried to get an explanation because I didn't understand!!!  Unreal eh!!!  I think she didn't have an explanation and that is why I didn't understand.  I think the judge was corrupt.

I tried to take the neighbors to court and the settlement conference judge talked about how he had to wear special clothing, but that we could wear what we wanted to wear.  He talked about clothing for a half hour and didn't listen to any of the audio of the barking that I brought.  You are not allowed to record the settlement conference and you are not allowed to use anything said in the settlement conference in your case.  My witness couldn't come into the settlement conference with me if I wanted them as a witness.  I was alone in there with many people against me, including the judge.  I know just how corrupt the system is!!!

I tried to use small claims twice!!!  I tried to claim that I am stressed out from my neighbors bullying me and that the barking and bullying by my neighbors was causing my lichen planus to flare up.  The judge decided my two doctors letters saying that the barking may be causing my lichen planus to flare up, were garbage and that he knew better than my doctors (cause he is obviously a surgeon and knows better than my two doctors).


In all four stories, the outcomes are far from ideal. They put people at risk, break apart families and communities, reduce victims’ and the public’s confidence in the justice system, and cost more money without increasing public safety. They also hinder prosperity and perpetuate cycles of poverty, violence, and victimization.

Source: http://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/cj-jp/tcjs-tsjp/stories-recits.html

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HEY ASSHOL's, my next plan of action is putting up posters all over town with a link to audio of your dog barking.

You will not get away with what you have done to me for the past 8 years.

I am going to make sure of it !!!

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I see RDCO Board paying lip service to the dog control budget again this year. Dog Controls budget is 1.3 million again this year. The CAO administrator of Dog Control is not serious about making dog owners pay to enforce the dog bylaws, its taxpayers who don't even own dogs who are paying for this service. This dog control budget shows the cost going up for the next 5 years. It does not show that taxpayers are paying less for dog control like RDCO Board have been asking for the last how many years now CAO of Dog Control? Think a change in Chief of Administration is due, so that next years dog budget reflects what Directors and taxpayers are have been asking for forever. No more lip service please!!! I want to see some action. Bad dog owners should pay for what they cost!!

North Westsider

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How Valley of the Sun has changed my life

I use to be outgoing and friendly towards people, now I don't want to meet anyone.

I use to trust people, now I don't trust anyone.

I use to trust the system, but as I grew up, and especially these last few years, I started to believe there were more mean and nasty people than what I knew what to do with.

The system is a scam, in my opinion.

The system has you believing one thing, but when it comes down to it, its completely the opposite.

I am so depressed about the system.

I get a half assed system.

I have a lawyer who will defend me.

But I can't seem to find a lawyer to take the system and neighbors to task for me, due to my limited funding.

The RCMP, RDCO and neighbors have me where they want me and where they have all this power over me.

If I could afford to take these people to task for ruining my life the last 8 years, I certainly would!!!

I am so disappointed in this life, that so many people are bullies, and especially that so many people join in to help do the bullying, either that or don't speak up about it and stay silent.

Nobody gives a shit about anyone else or the animals here it seems.

Neighbors are smoking me out burning green tree limbs, calling it a small campfire.  My dog gags from smoke.  He needs pills to stop gagging which I have mentioned, but that don't matter, they want to kill my dog and prove to me who is boss of the subdivision.  They want me to know that nobody respects me and that maybe I should move so they can do whatever they want like run snowmobiles, golf carts, quads, dirt bikes, and mini bikes up and down the road uninsured.  Or leave their dogs running at large and shitting at the end of my easement road daily, and barking in excess of RDCO's responsible dog ownership bylaw #1343.

But nobody cares about the health hazard the excessive smoke creates, or the noise of these recreational vehicles when you are trying to have an afternoon nap.  The one neighbor is always reving the shit out of his vehicles he works on.  I think he thinks he is a vehicle repairman or something.

I don't go outside anymore, unless I have to.

I surely don't enjoy my property.

Many times when I leave my property, something bad happens.

I don't want to leave my house anymore.

I cry daily, because I am bullied daily especially by the yard dog property for 8 years now.  They are on their 2nd yard dog now.

I can't seem to get anything done, because I am constantly working on trying to get the barking to stop!!!  I can't seem to concentrate on anything else.

My dishes sit in the sink until they stink.  Its hard for me to do dishes because I end up crying every time thinking about everything.

My house is a mess.

I am re-traumatized trying to organize my court case files.

My neighbors keep letting their dogs bark, and I keep posting the barking taking time away from getting my stuff ready for the BC Human Rights Tribunal against RDCO.

I feel incapacitated by the bullying.  I sit at my computer all day working hard.  And I mean I spend almost every minute working on this.  I may have watched a few one hour shows in the past 3 months and that is about it.  Every minute is spent fighting.

I don't go on facebook or watch tv anymore, and I never go out to do anything, including doing stuff in my yard.

I turn down friends invitations because I don't want to leave my home alone to be damaged, in case the neighbors try egging my home, or shooting a ball bearing or throwing fireworks at it again.  I have even heard a bullet whiz by me when I was up the mine road one day trying to scare me away from their property, when I wasn't even near their property, and I was only collecting some sticks to make a trellis with.

I am constantly writing letters and making phone calls trying to get help.

I stay up all night sometimes.  I get exhausted lots, and I take naps.

I wake up crying and angry unable to sleep, and start fighting again.

Some days are really hard to get through.

What really makes me cry, is that my neighbors have gotten away with this for over 8 years and they will pay nothing and get away with it, but I pay with my life for the past 8 years, and I am the one with all the fines and charges.

I have made 140 phone calls to the RCMP just about the one neighbor who is charging me, when its them harassing me, but I am the one being charged.  Every time I plow my easement, the neighbors are video recording me.  They put their shovels in the way of the plow, and make up stories about me to get me charged.

I believe I am still getting Lichen Planus flare ups from the stress.  I had to go to the doctor March 20, 2018 and get another biopsy taken to test and see why this spot on my leg won't go away.  It has been constantly itchy for the past few years now, and its only getting bigger.

Photo of my biopsy stitch on March 22, 2018

I received one stitch from the biopsy on my leg.

Here is a closer look at the stitch.  There is a lichen planus spot just below the stitch bottom right side of the photo.  The spot where the stitch is was overwhelmingly itchy all the time and I was constantly putting Clobetasol on it, which is a prescription from my doctor who specializes in skin.

The same spot back in June 2016

What causes lichen planus?
Lichen planus is a T cell-mediated autoimmune disease, in which inflammatory cells attack an unknown protein within skin and mucosal keratinocytes.

Contributing factors to lichen planus may include:

Genetic predisposition
Physical and emotional stress
Injury to the skin; lichen planus often appears where the skin has been scratched—isomorphic response (koebnerisation)

source: https://www.dermnetnz.org/topics/lichen-planus/

The same spot March 9, 2018

The spot has wickham's striae, looking white like that.

I also have a small lichen planus spot on my thumb with wickham's striae at the moment.

I am having hip and back pain from sitting all the time and not getting out and sitting in my house at my computer all day recording barking and fighting for my right to have some peace.

I have made complaints to the BC Ombudsman, the RCMP, the Ministers, the Premier, my MLA and MP, Conservation, RDCO dog control, the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP, the BC Human Rights Tribunal, and the Canadian Human Rights Commission.  I have tried just about everything.  Some of these processes either haven't started yet, or are in the middle of the process.  I have to have faith that the system will eventually work after over 8 years of being bullied.

I believe my health problems stem from my neighbors, RDCO and the RCMP stressing me out.  Below is a photo of my legs full of Lichen Planus back in 2012.  I was on heavy medications at that time like Acitretin, Prednisone, Methotrexate, and Kenalog.  The doctor told me that I couldn't stay on Prednisone and I had to try another medication, and so I was put on Kenalog shots which put a temporary dent in my butt.  Luckily the dent wasn't permanent.

The American Academy of Dermatology website states that stress can make Lichen Planus worse.

My 2 skin doctors state that stress can make Lichen Planus worse.  Skin specialist doctor letter and Dermatologist letter.

Nobody but me cares about the stress my neighbors, RDCO and the RCMP put me under.  Nobody will help me.

People stare at me, and everybody goes quiet, and dogs bark, if they were not already barking when I go outside.

I am basically stuck listening to the barking and other noise because living 45 minutes from town, I can't afford the fuel to be able to get to town and away, plus nobody in authority will do anything about the barking and bullying.

The RCMP and bylaws have very little time on their hands chasing after me instead of the bylaw breakers.  Enough time that the RCMP, RDCO, and neighbors even had an evening meeting about my mental health trying to get a criminal conviction on me in Nov 2016.  I can hardly wait for court!!!  You should have heard them talking at that meeting.  It was hilarious how some of the neighbors were making up stories about me trying to get criminal charges laid against me, one neighbor even saying that she was poisoned, and she almost died, making it sound like I poisoned her.  She said, "she is a poisoner", meaning me.  One neighbor said that I blew an air horn from 3am to 6am the morning of the meeting, but there was no air horn honking on the audio recorded that morning. Another said that I complained to bylaws about her greenhouse, but that was also a lie as you can see below in the two letters.

click letter for a larger copy

We double checked just to make sure because of Mary Jane Drouin's attitude calling Sharon names again, that she is a nuisance to her community.

click letter for a larger copy

what all the neighbors, and RCMP said about a certain someone at Nov 30, 2016 meeting at the local community hall, they are bullying with barking

The neighbors did a good job of getting me arrested over their constant barking dogs.  I am charged with "Criminal Harassment" and "Mischief" by the one neighbor who was the one harassing me, and "Harassing Communication" with another neighbor over Fire Dept calls I made.  It truly is all over these dogs barking and running at large, and my neighbors smoking my dog out trying to kill my dog to get me to move, so they can break bylaws without getting caught because I report them.  I would love to take my dog for a walk without worrying about at large dogs.  I would love to be able to garden without being bombarded by barking.

I am thinking of pleading guilty to get this nightmare over with, and so I don't have to talk to the judge in front of my intimidating neighbors who are out to get me.  It would be a holiday if I were to go to jail instead.  It would get me away from the barking in a free room.  I wouldn't mind getting away from all the barking and the bullying.  I am tired of being bullied by the neighbors, the RCMP, and RDCO, and I actually look forward to going to jail, even if I am not guilty!! 

But like everything else it seems, it takes an enormous amount of time, seemingly forever for anything to happen, including that one yard dog (actually they are on their second yard dog now) to stop barking all day every 5 to 10 minutes for 2 to 4 or 5 minutes, and sometimes it barks for 20 minutes like on March 21, 2018.

Listen to the barking here, its excessive and can go on for hours.

Of course I am not believable, but the neighbors are???  No the neighbors dogs don't bark for over 3 hours hours do they!!!  The one complaining about the barking is crazy and she is making a bunch of noise about it and bothering everyone at Valley of the Sun, so everyone at Valley of the Sun get her to move by letting your dogs bark and lets drive her crazy!!!  Lets get a criminal conviction on her they basically said at the meeting in Nov 2016.

This year I won't be having a garden.  I am tried of being bullied and barked out of my yard. May as well just live couped up inside my house cause its the only thing I can do to get away from the bullying and the barking by my neighbors.  Although I can still hear that barking by the yard dog on Firwood Road through the walls of my house with all the doors and windows closed, it can be drowned out.  I just wish I could get a bit more fresh air and not feel so stalked by my neighbors who are out to get me.

Everyday I listen to the yard dog on Firwood Road barking every 5 - 10 minutes all day long.  I am stuck here, and I can't get away from it.  The neighbors all know what they are doing, trying to get me to move.  There was even a poster on the bulletin board telling me to move.  There have been several posters on the bulletin board and on mailboxes, all the way from Valley of the Sun to Little Kingdom grocery store the one time.

It has been more than distressing that my neighbors are getting away with not letting me enjoy my property and bullying me every day, and never being fined or charged like I am!!!

I am surprised I am still alive, seeing as how my neighbors want me gone so bad

There are many people who die from being bullied, and I truly am afraid for my life.

Despite the fact that I don't want to eventually succumb to the bullying, maybe I will eventually feel I need to take that route!!

Premier Christy Clark said she was against bullying, but yet did dick to help anyone, unless they were bullied at work.  Bullying doesn't just happen at work CRUSTY!!!

My neighbors, RCMP and the RDCO are putting my life at risk by doing nothing about the bullying, in fact, I truly believe they are out to get me, and trying to get me to feel suicidal so that I am sent to the mental health ward where I can be assessed and locked up.  That is what they truly want!!!  They want me out of their lives so they can break bylaws and continue to harass me with their barkers and smoke.

But I am not giving them their satisfaction, and so the bullying continues daily.

For how much longer this is going to take to stop it, I am not sure.  I just know I can't give up.

And I need help to stop the bullying, please.  I don't want to eventually become a bullying statistic!!!

My hope is that people will step up and help me.  Or that these court cases coming up will eventually stop the bullying. But I don't have much faith in the system, because I know its so screwed up, and that is why I am having so much trouble thus far.  So far all the system has done is let the bullying continue even after notifying the authorities.  I shouldn't have had to live being bullied all these 8 years.  My government is so screwed up that they don't care if someone dies from being bullied, in fact the government jumps right in and joins the bullies.  That is what has happened to me.  My local government RDCO was at the meeting with my neighbors and RCMP asking my neighbors to make complaints about me.  My sister who was at the meeting told me that RDCO CAO's words were, "This is how we will get her".

Nothing I say or do has helped me so far, and I can't seem to help myself, I need help.

I have been trying to help myself for 8 years now, but its not working!!!

These people are out to get me for making complaints about them.

I won't give up fighting for my life.

But please help me if you can!!!

I am tired and depressed.  I want to be able to enjoy life, not suffer through life.

On a Facebook page set up in tribute to her daughter, Parsons' mother blamed the four boys who allegedly raped and released images of her, the subsequent constant "bullying and messaging and harassment," and the failure of the Canadian justice system, for her daughter's decision to commit suicide.[72]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicides_that_have_been_attributed_to_bullying


It torments her that she doesn’t know exactly what happened, and that Hamed might have been saved in the hour before his death. She says the coroner’s office told her 30 calls were placed to 911 between 7 and 8 p.m. on March 11, concerning a boy with a backpack on the Pattullo Bridge. (The Coroner’s Service won’t confirm or deny that a staffer told her about 911 calls.) Was there confusion over which city’s emergency services should respond? Both the Surrey RCMP and the New Westminster Police Department say there is no such thing as a jurisdictional line during bridge-jumping incidents. “We roll vehicles immediately,” says Roger Morrow, a spokesman for the Surrey RCMP. “If that really happened, it’s unfortunate and really sad.”

Source: http://vanmag.com/uncategorized/fatal-bridges/


“That’s the toughest thing that we need to recognize is bullying, and children committing suicide because they’ve been bullied, is entirely preventable,” she said.

Source: http://www.vancouversun.com/life/After+Amanda+Todd+death+Christy+Clark+says+laws+needed+combat/7384108/story.html


What it comes down to is, I am being bullied out of my subdivision, so that the neighbors can break bylaws without anyone complaining, because there is no enforcement here 45 minutes from town.  My government and RCMP have ruined my life for the past 8 years now.  Please help me, and don't let them get away with this.

Please call RDCO Chief Administrative Officer Brian Reardon who is in charge of RDCO dog control at 250-801-3494 or 250-763-4918.  He is the top dog of all of this crap!!!


Sure wish I could take my dog for a walk off leash in the subdivision like everyone else does including Fintry Junk whenever they go for a walk.

I think what may help, is if I start to get out more with my dash cam!!!

posted: March 18, 2018 and additions have been added to this since

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Letter: Throw all politicians out
Mar. 9, 2018 - Kelowna Capital News

Kelowna letter-writer says he doesn’t trust anyone

To the editor:

I am reading the news, I am watching the news and I am listening to the news. I also read most letters to the editors and I also check You Tube for articles that are of interest. I have to say, I’m not impressed with the mainstream media at all and I get the impression that they all have to kiss somebody somewhere. If I want to see what is really happening, I go to Conservative Network, Steeper33, Voice America and The Rebel.

Watching the Conservative Network shows me why nothing of importance comes out of Ottawa.

Listening to all the pleasantries of how they address each other is sickening, knowing how much each of them is making. On top of that, they have to have a guy that has to call order in the room.

I suggest to get rid of them, the sooner the better and put some people in there that know what they are doing. And that is just Ottawa.

Provincially it is not any better. When I read all the stuff that is going on between Alberta and B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan, all I can say is Kindergarten go home. We should get rid of all the parties and put people into the government that care for Canada and Canadians and not for their party and their pockets.

Roger von Dach, Kelowna

Source: https://www.kelownacapnews.com/opinion/letter-throw-all-politicians-out/

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The system is criminal !!!!!

My local government and RCMP are useless tits!!!!

People from Valley of the Sun are bullies.

My government lets the people at Valley of the Sun get away with being bullies by letting dog owners let their dogs bark in excess of the dog bylaw!!!

Its easy to bully someone when your government is a useless tit and the government wants to get rid of you for complaining about your government!!!

The judicial system seems to be no better that a judge had to say, sometimes life ain't fair!!!

The entire system is corrupt!

I am tired of being bullied and I am tired of the corrupt system that is not working.

The system has to change because the system is criminal in itself!!!

Its time to start protesting!!!  Its getting warmer out!!!

Did anyone notice the paint on the curb at the south side of Westshore Estates?

The paint says the System Sucks or something to that effect.

No we didn't write that, someone else did!!!

But we need more of those signs!!!

Its not just dog owners who are a problem, its the corrupt system that protects those dog owners who's dogs can bark for hours, and then tries to charge you for doing nothing wrong.

Yeh we took photos of the smoke that chokes us!!!  I guess that is criminal to take photos.  I should chuck my camera away eh!!!

Its a corrupt system when someone is able to video record a dog owner telling them that they let their dogs bark to piss you off, and their dogs bark for hours, and the RCMP and government do nothing!!

The entire system needs more than just tweaking!!!

Its time to get out on the road and start protesting with signs, because that is all a person has left to be able to complain.  The BC Ombudsman ruled that RDCO's policy of requiring more than one property complain about a barking dog is fair!!!  If that is what my government wants, that is what my government is going to get!!!  MAYBE SOME PUBLICITY WILL WORK!!!!


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Do people in Lake Country hear the barking dogs across Okanagan Lake near Fintry? If you get tired of listening to all the barking, can you please say something to the RDCO about it? I live in Valley of the Sun, and RDCO refuses to do anything about the barking here. The BC Ombudsman has ruled that RDCO's policy requiring more than one property to complain about a barking dog is fair, so I am asking for your help. Please call RDCO dog control at 250-469-6284 if the barking is getting to you like it has with me for the last 8 years. I am hoping someone cares about the well being of these stressed out dogs who's barking is never acknowledged by their owners!! Please yelp!!! Arf arf!!

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Narrow curve on Westside Road to be widened
Kelowna Daily Courier Staff Jan 7, 2018

A particularly dangerous section of notorious Westside Road will be widened and made safer this year.

A sharp and narrow curve in a 1.4-kilometre-long section between Muir Road and the La Casa neighbourhood is to be smoothed out by expanding the right-of-way into Fintry Provincial Park.

Directors of the Central Okanagan regional district are expected this week to approve plans to transfer almost an acre of parkland to the Ministry of Transportation for the road-widening project.

“The .32 ha removal of lands from Fintry provincial park will facilitate improvements to public safety along Westside Road, eliminating dangerous curves and rock outcrops, and improving visibility and sightlines,” reads part of a regional district report.

Government policy is not to remove land from parks unless there is “overarching evidence” it is in the best interest and safety of the public, the report states.

Between 2003 and 2013, there were 504 vehicle collisions along Westside Road, between Highway 97 in West Kelowna and Barcelona Drive in the North Westside area, according to ICBC. Almost 200 of these crashes involved fatalities or injuries.

In a poll of its members conducted by the BC Automobile Association, Westside Road, with its narrow width, sharp curves and steep drop-offs to Okanagan Lake, has twice been rated as the province’s most dangerous road.

The former Liberal government pledged to spend $45 million over five years to make the road safer

Source: http://www.kelownadailycourier.ca/news/article_a88e9fc2-f438-11e7-8979-cbedad42fa5f.html

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Besetting is a criminal offence.

Every time I plow, people from a certain address on Alpine Road are video recording me from their windows and bothering me plowing with their shovels sitting in the snow pile where I plow snow to.  The lady from Alpine was outside telling me not to plow into her shovel when I was plowing and trying to avoid her shovel, and she proceeded to leave her shovel there for days, and add a second shovel after telling me not to plow her shovel the first day.

One shovel in the way.

Two shovels in the way 8 days later.

The one shovel was still there after 8 days, and another shovel was added by the 8th day, before I finally moved two after the 8th day, so I could plow snow into the snow pile on the road allowance.

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Found out the charges laid by the RCMP through the Fishers has been dropped!!!

The charges should be against the Fishers instead.

We are going to see if we can have charges laid against the Fishers for lying to the RCMP.


UPDATE: We soon found out that not all the charges were dropped, sadly.

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North Westside residents remain disenchanted
Vernon Morning Star - Barry Gerding - Dec. 17, 2017

Survey results hint at dissatisfaction with rural area services, costs

The path to incorporation for North Westside residents continues to make more sense to Wayne Carson.

Carson, the Regional District of Central Okanagan board area director for the rural community, is pointing to results from a recent survey that reflect a 60 per cent dissatisfied rate with the services and costs as delivered by the regional district.

Carson said residents are upset about rising water utility costs, Killiney Beach being closed and two of the three area public boat launches unable to open this past summer due to flooding while the regional district awaits provincial mitigation funding assistance, and insufficient funding for parks.

He said its geographic location tends to createa greater connection to services from North Okanagan communities.

“I’ve been talking about this for the last three years now, about the dissatisfaction with representation from the regional district, but nobody wants to listen, nobody wants to hear that, but this is about stakeholder voting rights,” he said.

“And the survey shows that our residents are not happy with the current situation.”

RDCO chief administrative officer Brian Reardon is expected to provide a staff response to the regional board about the survey findings, said Bruce Smith, communications director for the RDCO.

“It didn’t come up at the December meeting so the next opportunity would be at the board meetings on Jan. 11 or Jan. 22,” Smith said.

Carson has long been advocating for self-government for North Westside residents, asking for a self-governance study to be done on the feasibility of that idea.

In 2016, then community development minister Peter Fassbender rejected the governance study request, saying the size of the Killiney Beach community and the lack of similar requests from other communities within the electoral area dictated the study would not be appropriate.

Related: North Westside director slams provincial ministry

At the time, Carson argued the North Westside municipality bid was not just about Killiney Beach residents, but the entire electoral area from LaCasa to Westshore.

With a population base of about 1,500 residents, Carson says becoming a municipality would place it in the middle of the population rankings for the 165 incorporated municipalities across the province.

He said past incorporation of communities in the Okanagan such as Lake Country and West Kelowna revealed that road upkeep and maintenance are one of the key financial issues for any new civic jurisdiction.

“Westside Road falls under provincial jurisdiction so that wouldn’t be our concern but our area has about 32 kilometres of roads out there,” he said.

North Westside remains a rural area, Carson says, that is largely disassociated from both the Central Okanagan urban centre and North Okanagan Regional District, but relies on services from both.

“We are far out from Kelowna on one side, and on the other side we rely on police services from Armstrong, the conservation officer comes from Vernon, the ambulance takes people to the Vernon hospital and more than 200 kids here are enrolled in the North Okanagan school system,” Carson said.

“When you drive into Kelowna on Westside Road in the morning there is a steady stream of regional district vehicles headed in the opposite direction. How cost effective is that?

“We have a lot more in common with Vernon than we do with Kelowna, yet Kelowna board directors are making decisions on our behalf. We haven’t even had our own MLA since Christy Clark resigned after the last provincial election.”

Carson said parents of incoming students to the school system living in North Westside are now being instructed to enrol their kids in West Kelowna schools, which he says is the last straw for many people opting to move closer to Kelowna or Vernon.

“I believe if you held a referendum tomorrow, there are three choices. Stay with the regional district as a rural area, incorporate and stay with regional district, or incorporate and join the Regional District of North Okanagan.”

Source: https://www.vernonmorningstar.com/news/north-westside-residents-remain-disenchanted/

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But it is now!!!

FYI RDCO has an after hours dog control number that is not public according to what we were told by the RCMP.

The RCMP told us that RDCO has this 250-469-8686 that you can call from 6am - 10pm.


Sorry, we found out that number is actually for the City of Kelowna Bylaws

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Lost kids found in woods
Castanet.net - Jon Manchester - Jan 1, 2018 | Story: 215136

Vernon Search and Rescue crews and North Westside Fire Rescue members spent New Year's Eve looking for two missing children.

Unconfirmed reader reports indicate the children, aged five and seven, went missing from a bonfire about 5 p.m. in the area of Crown Crescent in West Shore Estates.

A police dog was brought in to look for the children, but couldn't find a scent.

They were eventually located by a search and rescue snowmobile team about 8 p.m., deep in the woods.

Both appeared to be extremely cold, but were OK. They were handed over to waiting ambulance paramedics to be checked out.

Source: http://www.castanet.net/news/Vernon/215136/Lost-kids-found-in-woods

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