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These are postings that were up on our local bulletin boards

LAST UPDATE May 05, 2014

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We have a FREE classified ads section to place your classified ad here on this website, which can stay up for 8 weeks.  We send you an email before your ad expires, to remind you that you can renew your ad.  If you renew your ad before it expires, you don't have to re-type your ad.  You can delete your ad at anytime ... but you must remember the password you used to place the ad.

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Karate Club at Killiney Beach Hall

Shotokan Karate Is now taking new students

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ABC Communications High Speed Internet
ABC Communications High Speed Internet on the Westside of Okanagan Lake

Get free internet if you have a property with a good sight line, and are willing to let ABC install a tower on your property.

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Meeting April 20, 2006 at LaCasa 3:00 PM
Westside Road Improvement Committee

Westside Road Improvement Committee Meeting April 20, 2006
Click bulletin to read about priorities on improving Westside Road
like removing corners and spending little bits of money at a time so we can't afford more expensive passing lanes, or other things.

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North Westside Long Term Solid Waste Management

Thursday May 11, 2006 from 7 to 9 PM
at Killiney Beach Community Hall

The Regional District of Central Okanagan invites the North Westside Communities residents to an open house to discuss the issues of garbage disposal in our communities.  Residents can ask questions and give their input into the management of solid waste for the North Westside Communities.

See Transfer Station Petition

Regional District's "Lets Talk Trash" bulletin regarding the North Westside Transfer Station Petition
Click picture to see this same poster of the Regional District in (.pdf)
Lets talk trash community meeting May 11, 2006 at 7 PM

FYI - The North Westside Communities Association is trying to have the Regional District locate one more transfer station at a local business willing to donate land.  It must be LaCasa.  The North Westside Communities Association told the Regional District to keep it a secret as to what local business is willing to donate this land.  We can get free crown land, so land should not be an issue.  Every subdivision would still have to drive a distance to dump their garbage at the one new transfer station location at LaCasa though.  How do you think Estamont may feel about that?  The price of garbage disposal goes up for them and they don't get to take their garbage any closer.

The transfer station petition stated that residents preferred to have smaller transfer stations at each subdivision open 24 hours per day and 7 days per week and that is what residents signed the transfer station petition for.

If residents want smaller transfer stations located in each subdivision, then I suggest they go to this meeting above with the Regional District "Lets Talk Trash", or they may get stuck with only one new transfer station near no subdivision, and just at LaCasa.  The Regional District said they will be at Killiney Beach Hall May 11, 2006 to listen to what residents want regarding the transfer station petition.  I don't think the Regional District believes the residents whom signed the transfer station petition though.  I heard a couple of Regional District members say there were only 80 or so residents that signed the transfer station petition and that there are over 300 North Westside Communities Association members.  I wish we knew how many North Westside Communities Association Members signed the petition though?  I bet there may also be more than one member of this Association per household as well.  But do you think we will ever know that information ... looks unlikely to me, as I have asked the Regional District several times and also the NWCA once.  The Regional District tells me they don't have a NWCA membership list so they don't have that information, and I don't see them trying to get that information either.  I asked the NWCA President for that information and said that they will give me the figures.   I am waiting to hear the verdict.  The transfer station petition holds only one signature per household.  I feel that the residents want to contribute to the Community Hall for instance and that is why they are members.  If the NWCA members knew what the North Westside Communities Association was up to, I don't think all the Communities Association members would agree with everything the NWCA does, especially the transfer station.

You have until May 19, 2006 to fill out the Regional Districts Online Questionnaire regarding solid waste management for the whole Regional District.

Regional District of Central Okanagan Waste Management Website

Guidelines for Establishing Transfer Stations for Municipal Solid Waste
*It says we don't need to pay for a full time attendant, but attend to the transfer station at least once per week*

Regional Districts Website Engineering Committee Minutes Jan 19, 2006

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Meeting regarding charging Westshore residents $250.00 per year to maintain the back lanes.

If you didn't sign the Westshore Estates Back Lane Maintenance petition, then phone Harry 542-6851

Regional Districts Website regarding Westshore Estates Laneways

About Westshore Estates Utilities Corridor

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Page 1-2
Engineering Committee Meeting Minutes – March 20, 2007
d. Westshore Estates Utility Corridors
Item 2d) was discussed first as Westshore Estates’ residents John Swallow and Lorraine Neal were in attendance.
Don Darling explained that over several years the Engineering Dept. has been trying to resolve the issue of access over the Westshore Estates utility corridors.
Recently residents did not support a maintenance function, and the RDCO lawyer and insurance provider recommended that access remain status quo, with signage being posted to the effect that the utility corridors are used at the owners’ risk.
Don advised that Mr. Swallow has been using the corridor (Lot 177) as his driveway and now a neighbouring property owner, Mr. Gaudette, will be building 3 lots away from Mr. Swallow and will be using the corridor (Lot 177) as access to his home. Mr. Swallow is concerned re. the resulting traffic being so close to his home.
Board policy, which is not to prevent usage of the utility corridors, was explained to Mr. Swallow and he is now requesting the sole rights to Lot 177 through a right of way agreement, or by expanding his property to include a portion of Lot 177, in order to block or regulate access. The RDCO identified that the only viable access to neighbouring properties could not be blocked, also that a precedent could not be set in cost sharing for fencing.
Mr. Gaudette and Mr. Swallow have discussed various options but have not been able to agree on a solution. Mr. Swallow and Ms. Neal attended the Engineering Committee meeting in order to try and resolve the issue.
Mr. Swallow advised he has researched the issue thoroughly and feels he now has a house with no driveway, which would make selling his house extremely difficult.
Discussion ensued re. fencing, separate access for the Gaudettes, set backs, and cost sharing with Mr. Gaudette.
9:45 a.m. Mr. Swallow and Ms Neal left.

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Page 4
Engineering Committee Minutes – October 19, 2006
g) Westshore Estates Utility Corridors
Don advised that the review of the unauthorized use of the utility corridors has been completed with the RDCO insurance providers and lawyers, Lidstone, Young & Anderson. It was recommended to post signs notifying users that the utility corridors are not maintained and that residents are using the corridors at their own risk. The estimated total cost is $7,580 which should be paid out of the Westshore Water Utility’s yearly budget.
THAT the Regional Board authorizes the Engineering Services Department to seek legal advice as to the correct wording for the proposed notification signs;
AND FURTHER THAT the Engineering Services Department proceed with having the signs prepared and posted at the entrance of each Westshore Estates utility corridor;
AND FURTHER THAT the cost of preparing and posting the signs be paid out of the Westshore Estates yearly budget.

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Page 4
Engineering Committee Minutes – July 13, 2006
b) Westshores Access Road
Hilary advised that the Regional District operates and maintains a water utility in the Westshore Estates Subdivision. Water mains are located within narrow strips of fee simple land owned by the Regional District, instead of in a statutory right of way. Residents are using the water utility land as access to their properties and there is concern about liability and damage to the utility. Some
residents have suggested that the Regional District should maintain this land.
There is no revenue currently in the budget to maintain the land. A public meeting was held on July 5th, 2006 to determine what the residents may be willing to pay for. It was estimated that maintenance costs would be approximately $250/$275 per household per year (if all property owners contributed, not just the benefiting properties). The outcome of the meeting was that residents wanted things left as they are.
Hilary expressed concern re. liability and indicated that any new construction should be required to register an easement (at a cost of $400) over the access road to their property, and also suggested that signs be put up to use at your own risk.
Discussion ensued:
Residents have always been able to use the lanes, so legally now they probably could not be stopped.
Liability is a huge issue. Must get lawyer’s advice as “occupants’ liability” is very different from liability on dedicated roads. Previously MOT would not agree to dedicating these lanes as roads. It was suggested that MOT
be re-approached re. obtaining occupants permits and saving them harmless.
Must deal with this now, as the risk will only become greater.
Talk to lawyer first, but must work together with residents.
THAT Engineering Services staff look into establishing a strategy for the Westshores area to develop a maintenance plan, in partnership with the residents, subject to legal counsel first being sought to determine the liability
AND FURTHER THAT a report be brought back to the next Engineering Committee meeting.

THAT Engineering Services staff look into registered easements for any new building permits issued in the Westshore Estates subdivision.

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Page 3-4
Engineering Committee Minutes – January 19, 2006
b) Westshore Estates Water Utility
Don advised that the Regional District operates and maintains a water utility in the Westshore Estates Subdivision. Water mains are located within narrow strips of land owned by the water utility instead of in a statutory right of way. Residents are using
the water utility land as access to their properties and there is concern about liability and damage to the utility. Residents are also suggesting that the Regional District should maintain this land. There is no budget to maintain the land so a referendum
is being recommended to let the public decide what they are willing to pay for. Don stated that the preliminary budget for maintenance costs is approximately $250 per parcel per year, and all property owners should contribute, not just the benefiting properties.
Aaron suggested consulting with the North Westside Communities Association on the recommendation and getting their support before going to the Board. He reported that Harry Pospolita and Ian Kilpatrick have a very successful track record with community meetings and referendums.
Discussion ensued re. liability if the lanes were not maintained.
THAT the Engineering Services Department consult with the North Westside Communities Association on conducting a referendum to determine if there is sufficient support to establish a service area for the maintenance of water utility land within the Westshore Estates Water Utility service area;

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Moms and Muffins
Moms & Muffins

On hiatus for the summer but back in the fall.

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North Westside Communities Association
North Westside Communities Association

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North Westside Fellowship Church
North Westside Fellowship Church

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